https //offer.yourfit : How do I check the balance on my Fit Card?

https //offer.yourfit : How do I check the balance on my Fit Card?

Continental Finance Company is proud of our customer feedback. With more than 2.6 million credit cards managed since our founding, CFC prides itself on putting the customer first. We specialize in providing credit cards that help our customers build or establish credit with dignity and respect. If you have less than perfect credit, a CFC brand card can help you re-establish your credit history!

Enjoy the buying power of the FIT Mastercard

  • Initial credit limit up to $400 doubles up to $800
  • Mastercard Zero Liability Protection
  • Monthly reporting to the three major credit bureaus

FIT Card Information

  • Initial credit limit up to $400 doubles up to $800
  • Mastercard Zero Liability Protection
  • Monthly reporting to the Three Major Credit Bureaus
  • Free Monthly Credit Score available on Electronic Statements
  • Open to people with poor credit

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How do I apply for a FIT Mastercard?

Applying for a FIT Mastercard has never been easier. You may apply for a FIT credit card online from this website, call 1-866-513-4598 or return the acceptance certificate from the pre-selected offer that you received in the mail.

To apply for a credit card online, over the phone, or through the mail some basic information will be required. T

o get a FIT credit card we’re going to ask you for your full name as it would appear on government documents, social security number, date of birth and physical address. A P.O. box will not work. This is common for anyone when you apply for major credit card.

We need this personal information for two reasons.

First, Federal Law requires us to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens a FIT card account with us. As a result, your personal information is required and is used for those identification purposes.

Secondly, we use your personal information, like your Social Security number, to pull your credit bureau data. This data is used in conjunction with other information like your monthly income to process your application.

How do I Activate my new FIT Mastercard?

You can activate new and reissued cards online or over the phone.

To activate online, go to the website on the back of your card and select the “Activate Now” button.

To activate over the phone, call from the phone number that you provided on your application to the toll-free activation number printed on the sticker affixed to your new card within 30 days of receiving your card in the mail.

Oh! Hello there, Fit Card!
The easiest way you can pay your FIT Mastercard® is either online or over the phone at (866) 513-4598. Alternatively, you can pay your credit card bill by mail.

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Can I manage my new FIT card account online?

Yes. You will be able to enroll in our Online Banking Service to do all of the following actions with your FIT card and more:

  • Make a FIT credit card payment
  • Enroll to receive online statements for your FIT card
  • View recent transactions
  • View previous statements
  • View payment history
  • View your balance and other important FIT credit info

To do so you simply need to sign up and get your FIT login information. Then you can access your FIT credit info anytime 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.