Activate Student Accounts: Setting up Your Student Account Activate Student Accounts: Setting up Your Student Account

Your student account (NetID) serves as the gateway to accessing University information to:

  • Review financial aid awards and requirements, direct deposit and billing (eBill) notifications
  • Accept University scholarships (if applicable)
  • Register for your orientation program (if applicable)
  • Complete an application to live on campus (if applicable)
  • Check your OU email (Webmail) and calendar, powered by Google
  • Access student services including grades, registration for courses and transcripts

Have Your G# Ready

You will need your Grizzly ID number (found in your acceptance letter) to set up your NetID. If you do not have your Grizzly ID number, contact Undergraduate Admissions at (248) 370-3360.

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Setting Up (Or Resetting) Your Grizzly ID Pin

  1. At the top of the OU homepage, click on
  2. At the bottom of the “Quick Links” box, click “New student? Get your NetID and password”
  3. Select “Reset your Grizzly ID PIN”
  4. Type in your Grizzly ID using a capital “G”, your date of birth and first and last name used on your admissions application
  5. Answer the reCAPTCHA
  6. Students who have not registered to receive OU emergency notifications will be prompted to register at the next screen. Choose the second option to answer/choose a question to proceed towards changing your Grizzly ID PIN
  7. Enter a six digit PIN that you’ll be able to remember
  8. Click “Submit”

*Write down your PIN number. You’ll need this to create your NetID and set up a password for your account.

**If you have already registered to receive OU emergency notifications, you will be directed to a different screen where you can answer a security question or receive a code through text or email to proceed towards resetting your Grizzly ID PIN.

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Creating Your NetID and Setting Up Your Password

  1. At the top of the OU homepage, click on
  2. At the bottom of the “Quick Links” box, click “New student? Get your NetID and password”
  3. Select “Create NetID Account”
  4. Read the “NetID Guidelines and Information” then click continue
  5. Enter your Grizzly ID number and PIN then click “Submit”
  6. Select desired NetID and click “Submit”
  7. Click on “Password Reset Page” to set a new password
  8. Enter your Grizzly ID number and Pin
  9. Type your password in “New NetID Password”. Your password needs to be between 8-15 alphanumeric characters and must contain at least one letter and one number.
  10. Click on “Change Password”

*Write down your NetID username and password. You’ll need this information for all items listed at the top of this page : Activate Your Cricket Wireless Cell Phone Service



Create Your GrizzlyID PIN then choose your NETID and password. You’ll need your Grizzly ID number from your acceptance email or letter.
Need help? Watch this video.


Register for your required two-part orientation that empowers you to take charge of your education and paves the way for a smooth transition to university life.


Accept your award or merit scholarships, click here to accept them.

STEP 4. APPLY FOR HOUSING (if applicable)

Complete a housing application to live on campus. You’ll have opportunities to develop new leadership experiences, showcase your ideas, and achieve concrete outcomes that bolster your resume.

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When you confirm your enrollment, OU is able to accurately schedule and offer classes for all students.

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