https //nsw.tellthemfrom : Tell Them From Me Student Survey

https //nsw.tellthemfrom : Tell Them From Me Student Survey

School principals and school coordinators can view the survey questions on the Tell Them From Me portalExternal link using their unique login.

The Tell Them From Me surveys play a crucial role in measuring student engagement and well-being in New South Wales (NSW) public schools. Students, principals, and school coordinators can log into the survey using this link: Tell Them From Me Student Survey.

Similarly, teachers, principals, and school coordinators can access the teacher survey through this link: Tell Them From Me Teacher Survey. If you’re part of the NSW education system, I recommend checking out these surveys to contribute valuable insights! 😊📚

Tell Them From Me Login

What is the purpose of these surveys?

The Tell Them From Me surveys serve several important purposes in New South Wales (NSW) public schools. Here are some key objectives:

Measuring Student Engagement and Well-Being: These surveys collect feedback from students, allowing educators to assess their engagement levels, well-being, and overall satisfaction with the school environment.

Identifying Areas for Improvement: By analyzing survey results, schools can identify specific areas that need improvement. This information helps shape policies, programs, and interventions to enhance the overall educational experience.

Strengthening School-Community Relationships: The surveys provide insights into parent and community perceptions. Schools can use this feedback to foster stronger partnerships with families and the broader community.

Supporting Evidence-Based Decision-Making: The data collected informs evidence-based decision-making at both the school and system levels. It helps allocate resources effectively and prioritize initiatives.

Monitoring Trends Over Time: Conducting these surveys periodically allows schools to track trends and measure progress over time. Schools can adapt strategies based on changing needs.

In summary, the surveys contribute to a holistic understanding of school life, enabling educators to create a positive and supportive learning environment. 😊📊

Which students can take the survey?

All students in Years 4 to 6 and 7 to 12 are encouraged to take part. The more students who complete the survey, the more reliable a school’s data will be.

The department is working to improve the accessibility of the surveys for all students. The student survey meets WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements. Implementation guides are available to teachers assisting students with low literacy. Text-to-voice options are also available for students who require them.

How does it work?

The student survey is conducted entirely online during Term 2. The survey will take 15 to 20 minutes on average and no more than 30 minutes for most students.

Where students do not have access to personal devices, schools will need to make school computers available for students to complete the survey. Schools will be provided with information and consent forms for distribution to parents. Schools will also be provided with unique student usernames and passwords prior to the start of the survey.

To protect student confidentiality, data suppression rules are applied to the school reporting tools where sample sizes are too small.

Access to survey questions

School principals and school coordinators can view the survey questions on the Tell Them From Me portal using their unique login. The survey questions are available in PDF form for participating schools.

Please note that the survey questions are the intellectual property of The Learning Bar and must not be distributed beyond your school or used in any manner other than that stipulated by the department.

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