https // login : Guide for National Immunization Management System(NIMS)

https // login :

This document describes the step by step guidelines to use two factor authentication to login NIMS web.

Considering the nature of this document, the intended audience for this document are officials at Ministry of Health, Govt. of Pakistan.



  • Smart Phones

Supported Platforms

  • Android/IOS

Before you Log In

  • First you will have to install TOTP (Time Based One Time Password) client application on your smart For example, we will be using Google Authenticator in this guide as our TOTP client for two factor authentication purpose.
  • You have been provided user credentials by the Administrator to log in into the NIMS

Getting Started

  • STEP-2: Provide details for
  • Enter Username/Email Address and Password provided by
  • Also enter the correct answer in captcha for successful
  • Click on Login
  • STEP-2: Scanning QR

o By clicking on Login button, the following screen appears

  • To scan QR Code, open TOTP client application on your In our case we are using Google Authenticator as TOTP client.
  • Open Google authenticator, the following screen will
  • Click on +
  • The following screen will appear by clicking on “+” button
  • Click on “Scan a QR Code” button
  • Scan the QR code displayed on your screen using your smartphone.
  • Once the QR code is scanned, the smartphone application automatically generates verification
  • To add the account to your smartphone application permanently, click on ADD ACCOUNT button.
  • Once the account is added, the NIMS account information and code is displayed in smartphone
  • Provide Verification Code displayed in smartphone application on the following
  • Press VERIFY
  • Once the verification code is verified, the following screen is


  • If you don’t have your phone with you, you can use “Enter two-factor backup code”
  • By clicking on “Enter two-factor backup code” button following screen
  • Enter the backup code
  • Click on “Verify” to
  • The user can download the backup code once he has logged in the application.
  • Backup code can be used to login the Five backup codes are provided at a time.

One backup code can only be used once.

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