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Customers can pay their premiums online via National Insurance Online Payment. If a customer chooses this National Insurance Online Payment option, he or she will not need to visit a branch office to pay the policy premium. Everything has gone online these days. No one wants to squander their time or money. As a result, National Insurance Company Limited has implemented this Online Payment method. Any National Insurance Corporation subscriber can pay their premiums online.

Payment of National Insurance Premiums over the Internet

Consumers in India can now buy insurance coverage online because to the rise of the Internet. Clients’ life have been made a lot easier thanks to the National Insurance Company’s online payment option. The insured no longer needs to go to the branch office to make a payment with this service. Because National Insurance Online Premium Payment allows you to get on-demand services in only a few clicks.

National Insurance Company Ltd subscribers can now renew their existing policies using the same method. In comparison to the offline approach, the online renewal option for National Insurance policies is becoming increasingly popular. You may renew your existing National Insurance company coverage in a matter of minutes, and you don’t have to worry because it’s a safe way to do so. However, when renewing your National Insurance insurance, you should follow a few basic steps.

National Insurance

Payment of National Insurance Premiums can be made in three ways:

• Using the Login procedure.

• Selecting the Renew Policy option.

• Purchasing a new insurance coverage.

In the sections below, we have provided National Insurance India Online Payment instructions for all three methods. As a result, read the sections below to learn more about the National Insurance Renewal Online Payment processes.

How do I get a national insurance policy through the internet?

National Insurance offers a variety of policies that can be purchased online. You can purchase via National Insurance’s official website, The steps for purchasing a policy through National Insurance Online Payment are as follows.

Login to make an online payment to NICL

• Go to, the National Insurance Company’s internet portal.

• On the right side of the home page, as seen below, you will locate the login option.

• The insured should pick Customer from the drop-down list and then click Buy Policy.

• Next, choose the state and location where you want to purchase the policy.

•It provides the branch’s address as well as two alternatives, such as “Buy Policy” and “Register Here.”

• Click on ‘Buy Policy’ if you are already a registered user of National Insurance Corporation.

• If you are a first-time user, click ‘Register Here’ and follow the following login instructions to purchase a National Insurance Policy.

Steps for Making an Online Payment for National Insurance

• Go to, the official website of National Insurance Company Ltd.

• The Buy Online option can be found on the right side of the webpage, as illustrated below.

• Select the state and location where you wish to buy the policy by clicking on that option.

• On the screen, the address of the selected branch will be presented, along with two options: ‘Buy Policy’ and ‘Register Here.’

• If you are a registered user, go to ‘Buy Policy’ to purchase the policy online.

• To purchase any of the National Insurance Policies, you must first click on ‘Register Here’ and then complete the NICL Login process.

A product-specific National Insurance policy can also be purchased. That is, customers can purchase the coverage immediately based on the category they have selected. So, for the NICL Online Payment process, follow the instructions below

Payment of National Insurance Renewals via the Internet

Except for Overseas Mediclaim, the National Insurance Renewal Online Payment procedure is available for all types of National Insurance plans such as Motor Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, and Rural Insurance.

Because all National Insurance Company plans have a one-year term, the insured must renew their policy by paying the premium amount once the one-year time has passed. If you want to keep your policy after that, you can renew it for the next year. The procedure for renewing National Insurance is as follows.

• First and foremost, go to National Insurance Company Ltd’s online platform.

• On the right side of the page, you’ll see the opportunity to renew your insurance online.

• Enter the policy number and captcha code as displayed in the figure on the National Insurance Online Renewal page.

• After you’ve entered all of your information correctly, click the Renew Online button to complete your National Insurance Online Renewal Payment in two easy steps.

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