https // Login : Accessing WellNow Lab Status and Results via Text

https // Login : Accessing WellNow Lab Status and Results via Text

You are welcome to simply walk in to any WellNow location. No appointment and no referral required.  Simply walk in or, if preferred, you can book your visit at a WellNow center of your choice.

Please note, masks and social distancing are required for all visits.

Accessing Lab Status and Results via Text

1. Upon completion of your test, you will receive a text:

Thank you John Doe and welcome to Wellnow Clinical Lab NY – Your Lab order (Patient Code) is WNY1234567. You can monitor the status of your order here:

2. It is encouraged to login to the Patient Portal immediately to ensure you can access when your results are ready.

3. Go to the link provided in your text:

  • For NY Patients:
  • For OH Patients:

4. Enter your cell phone # provided during registration/check in and click send code.

  •  On your first time accessing the patient portal, you will be prompted to enter your Date of Birth to validate your identity.
  • i. If you registered multiple family members under the same cell phone #, you may have to try each Date of Birth until you identify the one associated to the primary patient.
  • Enter the One-Time Passcode (OTP) you received by text and click Submit. (This will be a 4-digit code not the Lab order / Patient
    Code received in your initial text)

5. Upon successful login, you will see the results page of the patient portal and it will show you what status your lab order is in.

6. If you are the only patient being tested under this cell phone #, you are now ready to login and view results when you receive the text notifying you that your results are ready.

  •  If additional family members are registered under the same cell phone #, please refer to these instructions for Adding Family Members.

7. When your results are ready you will receive a text that looks like this:

John Doe your Test Results are now available! Your Patient Code is W1234567. Please visit: and login to access your results.

8. Go to the link provided in your text: a. For NY Patients: b. For OH Patients:

9. Enter your cell phone # provided during registration/check in and click send code.

10. Then enter your 4-digit One-Time Passcode (OTP) that you receive by text and click Submit.

11. You are now in the patient portal and can access your results. Click View PDF to see your results and print or save a copy for your records.


Adding Family Members

1. Once you have successfully signed into the patient portal as the primary family member, you can click the Add Family Member button to add additional family members to your patient portal.

2. To add a family member, you will need to complete the fields below and click Submit. The Patient Code or Accession Code will be found in the text message received for this family member. Their specific text can be identified as it will state their name. Page 5 of 9

3. An additional tab will be added to the patient portal for each additional family member that you add. The results tab is for the primary account holder the patient portal is registered under, while each additional family member will have a tab with their own name as they are added

Email Access to Patient Portal

To register your Email for access to the WellNow PCR Lab patient portal, first contact the clinic that performed your test so they can ensure your email has been added to your profile.

Then go to:

• For NY Patients:

• For OH Patients:

1. Click on “Register with My Email”

2. Enter your information (email, phone number, Patient code = accession number from the clinic or text, first name, last name, and birthday) and click on “Register to View Results”.

• The Patient Code is the specimen accession number, if you did not get this number at the time of your visit or via text notification – please contact the clinic.

3. You will receive an email from “WellNow Clinical Lab Patient Portal-Covid Testing”:

• Click on the link in the email

• Enter your new password (you create the password and type it in) or generate one and click on “Save Password”

4. Click “Log in”

5. Enter email and the password that you created in step 3. Click on “View My Test Results”.