https //myapps.tcs.con Login : Tata Consultancy Services MY Apps Login

https //myapps.tcs.con Login : Tata Consultancy Services MY Apps Login

If you have forgotten your Ultimatix password, please follow below,

  1. Click on the “Forgot password” link on the SSL VPN login page.
  2. Use the Set New Ultimatix Password option to reset your Ultimatix password using one of the below option.
    • Set Using Webmail Password – To use this feature, your secret questions and answers should be already set
    • Set Using Ultimatix AuthCode – You should have activated Ultimatix Authenticator app by downloading the Ultimatix Authenticator mobile app from UxApps (
    • Set Using SMS-based OTP – Can only be used by associates deputed in India, having an Indian mobile number (Ultimatix -> GESS -> MY Profile -> Basic Details -> Communication Details) registered for SMS services against this feature.

https //myapps.tcs.con Login :

  • Go to the TCS Webmail official login page
  • After you click on the link, it will open in a new tab so that you can continue to see the guide and follow the troubleshooting steps if required.
  • You will see A login form contains the username, password fields
  • Enter username and password
  • Congratulations, you are now logged in successfully to TCS.

myapp tcs

Can I access Webmail from Client environment / through Client proxy? Does it require any additional agent or software to be installed? Can I download / upload data into Client system?

It can be done in technical perspective. However, it has to be checked with project supervisor that, whether TCS emails can be accessed from client environment or not. Based on which access to SSL VPN can be enabled.
There is no additional agent mandated to be installed in client’s system. Download/Update is not allowed between client enviroment and SSL VPN environment.

Do we need any additional software/agent to access Webmail?

No , there is no additional agent/software mandated to be installed for accessing webmail through SSL VPN as it will open directly from browsers. However, its recommended to install Citrix Workspace Software on local machine for a better experience.

Which OS is supported to access webmail from SSL VPN?

Below are the lists of supported OS:
Desktop/Laptop OS: Windows 7 or latest, MAC 10.9 or Above, Linux Mobile Devices: Android 6.0 and above, IOS 5.1 and above.

Which browser is recommended?

You can use any standard browser that supports HTML 5. Below are details of supported browser version. IE 10 and above, Edge 12 and above, Chrome 52 and above , Firefox 42 and above , Safari 9 and above, Opera 30 and above.

Can I save my email data on my personal machine?

No, you cannot save emails and attachments into your personal machines. All the attachments can be opened within SSL VPN environment and worked upon as certain temporary space will be allocated in SSL VPN environment to download and work on attachment on real time basis.

Can I access Webmail from mobile/portable devices after the migration?

Yes, you can access webmail on mobile, but it is be mandated to install Citrix Workspace Application on your mobile. This application is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Refer to the following Knowmax link for detailed step by step guide on the same, (

Can I take a printout of an email/attachment from the SSL VPN Portal?

No. You cannot take a printout of an email/attachment while accessing Webmail on SSL VPN. If you want to print personal files such as pay slips and PF statements, you can send the document from your TCS email ID to your personal email ID by adding the tag #PERSONAL# in the subject of the email. You may then take a print out from your personal email ID.
Please note: Sending TCS Internal / TCS Confidential documents from your TCS email ID to a public email ID is a violation of the TCS Security Policy.

How to choose Keyboard Layout or Language option after accessing webmail via SSL VPN?

Refer to the following Knowmax link for detailed step by step guide on the same,

 Can I access from mobile using mobile app like lotus launcher? will not be accessible from mobile app like lotus launcher. It can be accessed via browser only. However, Citrix Workspace Application is mandated to be installed on mobile.

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