https // : ICICI Academy for Skills

https // : ICICI Academy for Skills

For the next couple of decades, India is going to have a large supply of young people who will be ready to join the workforce and participate in the economic development. Providing livelihood to the youth will be essential to ensure their effective participation in the growth of the country. As a step in this direction, ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth launched ICICI Academy for Skills in October 2013 to impart vocational training to the youth.

Key Features

ICICI Academy offers vocational skill building programmes of 12 weeks duration where the focus is on providing industry-relevant, practical training on a pro bono basis to make the youth employable. In addition, training is also provided on communication skills, financial literacy and how to adapt to an organised working environment.

The technical skills and office skills courses are conducted at residential and nonresidential centres, respectively.

Non-residential centres – Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar*, Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Kochi*, Kolkata*, Lucknow*, Mumbai, Mysuru*, Nagpur*, New Delhi*, Pune, Trichy*, Vijayawada*, Zirakpur* Residential centres – Coimbatore, Durg**, Indore**, Jaipur, Narsobawadi and Patna

The courses being offered are:

1.  Electrical & Home Appliance Repair

Ÿ Introduction to wires and understanding different types, gauges and colour codes
Ÿ Introduction to usage of tools and safety precautions while using tools
Ÿ Cable joints and terminations
Ÿ Electrical accessories and their uses
Ÿ Connection of electrical accessories
Ÿ Understanding wiring diagrams and layouts
Ÿ Causes of electric shock, first aid, safety tips and prevention
Ÿ Purpose of earthing and making of earthing pit
Ÿ Properties, types and uses of conductors and insulators
Ÿ House wiring including planning, making layout plan and cost estimation
Ÿ Repair, maintenance and troubleshooting of home appliances

2. Pumps & Motor Repair

Fundamentals of pumps and motor sets
Ÿ Components of pumps and motor sets
Ÿ Pump and motor set installation, operation and troubleshooting
Ÿ Different types of pumps (centrifugal, jet, submersible, dewatering, suction etc.)
Ÿ Detailing of induction motors
Ÿ Concept of motor connection
Ÿ Electrical measurement instruments
Ÿ Operation of diesel engine pump sets
Ÿ Piping connections including fitting, valves, sealing, packing, couplings and bearings

3. Refrigeration & AC Repair

Understanding heat and pressure measurement
Ÿ Vapour compression, refrigeration cycle and its components
Ÿ Types of air conditioners (split AC and window AC)
Ÿ Parts of an air conditioner (electrical and non-electrical)
Ÿ Charging and evacuating a refrigerant system
Ÿ AC installation procedure (split AC and window AC)
Ÿ Service and maintenance of air conditioners
Ÿ Checking compressor and refrigerator electrical circuits
Ÿ Troubleshooting and repair of different refrigeration products

4. Central Air Conditioning

Understanding heat and pressure measurement
Ÿ Understanding principles of air conditioning
Ÿ Basics of electrical connections
Ÿ Refrigerants and their properties
Ÿ Components of air conditioning systems
Ÿ Cooling towers and their operation
Ÿ Air Handling Units (AHU) and their operation
Ÿ Chiller Unit – working principle & troubleshooting
Ÿ Pressure testing & commissioning
Ÿ Preventive maintenance & servicing

5. Paint Application Techniques

Learning the different types of paints and their uses
Ÿ Application of paint on different surfaces/substrates (masonry wall, wood, metal, roof, stone, roof tiles)
Ÿ Learning paint components (pigments, binders, solvents, additives, extender) and how it influences the paint quality
Ÿ Practising paint application (interior and exterior surfaces) on new surfaces and existing surfaces (repainting)
Ÿ Using the colour properties in selecting paint as part of creative design
Ÿ Understanding the elements of paint disposal
Ÿ Using safety equipment and guidelines, and following basic first aid procedures to ensure a safe work environment
Ÿ Understanding the causes, remedy and prevention of common paint problems

6. Retail Café Operations

Introduction to customer service
Ÿ Order taking, serving order and up-selling
Ÿ Working with POS system and understanding difference between cash counter and POS
Ÿ Introduction to coffee and coffee beans
Ÿ Operation of coffee machine
Ÿ Handling of food, beverage and merchandise
Ÿ Café opening, equipment check, machinery set up and miscellaneous tasks

7. Lab Assistant at Diagnostic Centres

Introduction to healthcare industry and its various segments
Ÿ Introduction to human anatomy, understanding the circulatory and urinary system
Ÿ Understanding change for all different clinical tests and samples pertaining to the same
Ÿ Learning about the various gadgets for sample collection and their appropriate usage
Ÿ Understanding the different sample collection sites and their importance
Ÿ Learning about the safety measures to be followed and hazards management
Ÿ Introduction to sample preparation, techniques involved and quality
Ÿ Understanding the various point of care tests, their importance, the devices, sample types and collection protocols
Ÿ Understanding customer services pre, during and post collection, how to manage and assure quality of the sample collected, the business ethics and opportunities
Ÿ Learning about camps and marketing strategies, the automations, technologies, education and growth opportunities in this industry.

8. Two & Three Wheeler Service Technician

Understanding basic components & functioning of two & three wheeler


Ÿ Understanding types of engines
Ÿ Understanding 2 stroke and 4 stroke working principles
Ÿ Construction and operation of engine, supporting systems, transmission systems, chassis, wheels & tyres, steering and braking systems
Ÿ Electrical components, wiring and their functions
Ÿ Troubleshooting, repairing and periodical maintenance of two & three wheeler

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