https // App : Configuration steps for Installing Kavach App

https // App : Configuration steps for Installing Kavach App

With immediate effect installation of 2FA has been made mandatory as per directive from Competent Authority. All users availing the email services from NIC need to use 2FA to access their account. Users are advised to install the same on their access devices (phone/laptop/desktop) immediately .


Please note that if you choose to install kavach only one device then please ensure that the device (for instance if you choose to install on the phone ) is always available with you as you will need to accept the notification for the access to email to be enabled.


1. The ID of a user needs to be activated for Kavach in the mail server prior to activation by the users. Hence , this procedure needs to be followed by ONLY those users who receive a mail from This mail is sent after the id has been enabled for Kavach. If a user receives a mail forwarded by a colleague/acquaintance, please do not try and activate as it will give an error . User needs to wait to receive a direct.

2. Ensure the correct mobile no is mapped with your id as you will receive a OTP for registration .

3. Contact your respective NIC coordinator / delegated administrator for updation of your mobile no or any other assistance required in this regard.

4. Notification will be sent to all devices on which the app is installed hence for ease of use please install on all (max 3) devices that are used for accessing email services.

Video tutorial is available on (after logging in) under the heading How to Install Kavach App on Android and iPhone. Activate : How to activate your subscription via

Steps for installing Kavach

(A) For Self:

1. How to Install Kavach on Mobile (Android or iPhone) & Desktop.


 Download the Desktop App from
 Minimum requirement for Desktop App
 Windows 7
 MAC 10.11
 Ubuntu 19.04
 CentOS/RedHat 6.9


 Download the IOS and Android app from Apple App Store and Google play store respectively.
 Please search for “Kavach Authentication” in the store Screenshot of the correct App is shown below .
 Minimum requirement for Mobile App
 Android OS: 2.3 and above
 iOS: 7.0 and above Activate : and Enter The Activation Code

You can also download from the URL :

2. After Downloading, Install the same and accept the terms and conditions.

3. Authenticate by giving your username & password

4. You will receive a 6 digit code OTP (One time password) via SMS on your registered Mobile . Please insert the OTP and click on Submit to complete the enrolment



The person to whom you want to give access to your account needs to follow these steps.

1. Please ensure that the user being added to the app also has kavach enabled. Please ensure the same by asking your respective Delegated Administrator/NIC Coordinator or send a mail to

2. The person (for instance your PS) will install the kavach app for his/her own email address by following the steps mentioned under “SELF” above.

3. After installing and enabling the app for self, he/she will Click on “ADD NEW ACCOUNT” in the app .

4. Enter the ID and Password details of the user whose account he/she wants to take access for ( in this instance YOU ).

5. Enter the OTP sent on the registered mobile number of the person (in this case YOU and you will need to share the OTP received on your phone as this needs to be a informed decision on the part of the user).

6. Enrolment will be complete and now Your PS /anyone else you give this authorization to will be able to access your account .

7. Max 2 delegations are allowed.


After successful installation follow these steps:

1. Login with your username /password and press enter

2. You will get a notification from the kavach app asking you to “Accept”/” Deny”.

3. Pls “Accept” immediately. Any delay will result in “timeout”

4. Please note that you need to be in strong network signal zone for the notification. If for any reason you are in a weak signal zone, then you may not get the notification immediately .

Please use the following two option in such a scenario:

a) Use the “PULL” option to get the notification OR

b) Use the OTP and suffix it with your password and then press “enter.

OTP is the number that you see on the main screen of your kavach App as shown below.


5. You can also apply the country policy using the kavach app

6. IMAP as a service can be enabled/disabled using the app

7. As informed user, it is recommended to check your logs for access activity

8. You are advised to please go through all the options available on the app for using it effectively

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