https // Login : How to use the Internet Data Collection Facility

https // Login : How to use the Internet Data Collection Facility

On this website, you can get help to complete your survey form, additional information about the survey, and results from the most recently published survey. If you cannot find the information you need or answers to your questions about the SOII, please contact us. The SOII is a cooperative effort between the US Department of Labor and agencies in participating States.


To access the Internet Data Collection Facility for the Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, click here:

You were randomly selected as part of a probability survey of about 230,000 establishments across the entire country. The establishments selected for this survey were separated into groups according to their location, industry, and number of employees to form a representative sample for the nation and each participating state.

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How can I submit my information?

  • Online — instructions for how to submit information online can be found @
  • Phone — call the number listed on the front of your survey packet next to “For Help Call:”
  • Fax — forms to fax information can be found @
  • Electronic file — contact us at for more information. Generally, large companies with multiple locations in the SOII would benefit most from this type of submission.
  • Ground mail — mail your completed survey form to the State address listed on your survey instructions.

Internet Data Collection

OSHA Recordkeeping Advisor

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the Department of Labor has developed this elaws Advisor to address the Federal requirement to report and record work-related injuries and illnesses. The OSHA Recordkeeping Advisor is intended to help determine:

  • Whether an injury or illness (or related event) is work-related
  • Whether an event or exposure at home or on travel is work-related
  • Whether an exception applies to the injury or illness
  • Whether a work-related injury or illness needs to be recorded
  • Which provisions of the regulations apply when recording a work-related case

The OSHA Recordkeeping Advisor presents questions and relies on responses to determine the appropriate course of action. The Advisor does not store any information. If the Advisor does not address the circumstances of a particular case, please contact OSHA or obtain expert advice.

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Some employers may be exempt from OSHA’s recordkeeping rules, for example those with 10 or fewer employees during the previous calendar year and those classified in specific industries. If you are unsure whether your company or business is covered by the requirements, please see, OSHA’s regulations at 29 CFR 1904.1, Partial exemption for employers with 10 or fewer employees; 29 CFR 1904.2, Partial exemption for establishments in certain industries; and 29 CFR 1904.3, Keeping records for more than one agency; and Appendix A (the list of industries). Employers in States with OSHA-approved State plans should contact their States for information on State-specific exemptions. In addition, public sector employers in these States are subject to State recordkeeping regulations.

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