https //housing : How to Register for the Portal

https //housing : How to Register for the Portal

To begin, you can access the Los Angeles County Development Authority’s (LACDA) Rent Café Portal using the link below:

Then select Landlord Login on the Portal login page.

How to Register for the Portal

When the Landlord Login page appears, if you do not have an account and wish to sign up, please bypass the Email and Password section and click on the Click here to register link.

When the Landlord Registration page appears, enter your Registration Code and select the Go button to move forward. To obtain a Registration Code, please send an email inquiry to Re************@la***.org. Please include the Owner/Vendor ID and the last four (4) digits of the owner’s Tax ID or Social Security Number (SSN) on LACDA’s record for prompt service.

When the Landlord Registration page appears, the Personal Details and Account Information is completed.

  • *Denotes a required field
  • **Data in these fields will be validated against information available from the Los Angeles County Development Authority

Please register the account using registrant’s first name, last name, and phone number, as well as the owner’s Tax ID or SSN. The inputted Tax ID or SSN will be validated against information available with the LACDA. After a successful registration, the user account will be linked with the landlord/owner/vendor ID on LACDA’s record based on the validated Tax ID or SSN.


The Account Nickname field allows you to tag each account with a memorable name. Please complete Email Address, Confirm Email Address, Password, and Confirm Password. The email address entered here will be used as the username for the Portal.

The last step is to read the Terms and Conditions under the provided link, check the box next to the “I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions” section, and then select the Register button.

You will then receive an email (example below) confirming your registration and that an account has successfully been created.

You will then be directed to the Landlord Login page of the Portal. Please use the Email and Password that was created during the registration process to login.

Once logged in, the system will take you to the Landlord Portal Home page. The page will be arranged with user-friendly tiles. In addition, clicking the Home button also takes users from anywhere within the Portal back to this Home page

The Agency Details Tile provides contact information for the LACDA and an easy way to send emails to the contact listed on the page, by clicking the Send Email button.

The My Profile tile displays your account information. You can click the Edit Profile button to update your contact information such as Mailing Address, City/State/Zip, Office, Home, and Fax number entries. All other entries are not editable on this page.

The Unit Info Tile displays basic information of your units. The Unit Info screen can be filtered depending on the unit being occupied, not occupied, or both unit status. In addition, a filter may be done based on the number of bedrooms each unit has.

To complete a form, please select a form link under the Owner Forms field and then download the PDF fillable form using the “Download” function on the upper right corner of the screen.