https // : OneLogin Protect: One Time Password (OTP) Generator App

https // : OneLogin Protect: One Time Password (OTP) Generator App

Log in to OneLogin

1. Click the OneLogin icon in your browser’s toolbar or select the OneLogin extension from your Favorites (if you have favorited OneLogin).
OneLogin login
2. If necessary, type your company’s OneLogin name. For example, MyCompany.
3. Click the Continue button.
4. Enter your username and password.

Note: If you are using the 30-day free trial, your username is the email you used to sign up for the free trial.


Onelogin login

5. If requested, enter your authentication code.

From your developer account, go to Settings > Subscriptions and choose the best plan. If you’re not sure which plan is right for you, reach out to our Sales team.

Note: To add multi-factor authentication (MFA), an extra layer of security for user accounts, go to User > Profile and click the + (plus sign) to add a device. Then see the procedure Use MFA for extra security.

Profile Settings

Install the OneLogin Browser Extension

OneLogin automatically prompts you to install the extension if you try to sign into an app that requires it or if you log into OneLogin via the URL in a browser that doesn’t have the extension.

If you want to install the extension directly from your browser, select your browser:

Install the Chrome OneLogin Extension

1. Go to chrome://apps and click on the Web Store icon
2. In the Chrome Web Store search box, type “OneLogin”.
3. In the search results, find OneLogin for Google Chrome and click the + Add to Chrome button.
Onelogin login
4. At the prompt, click Add extension.
Onelogin loginTip Once the extension is installed, to view the current extensions in your Chrome browser, click the Control Window icon (three vertical dots), select More Tools and click select Extensions.

Onelogin login

Installing the Firefox OneLogin Extension

1. Go to and click the Firefox Browser Extension Download link.
2. Run the installer file (onelogin.xpi) to launch the Firefox Browser Extension Setup Wizard.
3. On the dialog that opens, click the Install button.

Tip Once the extension is installed, to view the current extensions in your Firefox browser click the Open icon, select Options and on the dialog that opens, click the Extensions & Themes button.

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