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https h5 bambooglobalization com pages login register is a South African investment platform that rewards every new and old member picked to Receive R150 As Part of the Customer Reward Program for Economic Revitalization Plan. We also welcome to Join the Internet low maintenance Bonus stage with the expectation of complimentary assignments of performing a daily task which includes Like, Share and Follow on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.


During registration on, new members are rewarded with ”R150” while Refferal bonus is ”R5” and newly enrolled individuals are on the whole Free VIP, you ought to show restraint to continue to do the assignments to get an everyday reward, to welcome more companions to get more reference reward of R 5 for every reference.

bambooglobalization com

Individuals are permitted to pay their own cash to bamboo balance for moving up to VIP 1 to VIP 5, at that point you will be doled out more day-by-day assignments with a higher reward for each.

Bamboo globalization Free Vip Tips & bamboo globalization how does it work?

Carry out the daily tasks and get R10 for 30 days ( 10 x 30 days = R300 ). Refer up to 40 friends and get R200, From there you will get about R650, you can later upgrade to VIP 1 or withdraw all of it until its R850. But if you withdraw all of it you will not be able to continue until you pay guarantee fund into your balance.

Upgrading to VIP 1 requires that u have R650 in your wallet. You can take from your R650 and upgrade to vip 1. You can also withdraw the balance. Just make sure to always leave a security balance of R450 to be able to continue your daily tasks.

Vip 1 you get tasks for r36 per day. And in 7 (A week) days u can withdraw R250 and repeat the process. Or you can repeat the process for free so you can make more money.

Is legit or not?

Currently, the platform is still paying its investors for now.  There have not been series of complaints of scams or loss of funds. If you have any suggestions or proof kindly post at the comment sections below. We will update this post once we see something of such

Bamboo globalization money

All Bamboo Crypto Funds have a fixed term and everyday interest. The more extended term, the better yield. After you contributed. The head and day by day interest will get back to your wallet balance when the term lapses.
For instance. In the event that You contributed Bamboo Crypto Fund B for R1000. 30 days(One month) term store with a fixed everyday Interest rate at 3.5%. This is known as a month plan with a month to month loan fee at 105%. For instance, Invest R1000 to procure R 2050 absolutely for Principal (1000) and premium (1050).  This implies one month (30 days) later it will become R2050 and afterward get back to your equilibrium.


    • Hi bamboo has scammed us all when we all verified our accounts they only waited for a few million people to deposit that verification money and run

  1. If I not a scam why cantlog in nowbecause I have my money insid the account and I’ve been trying to log in with last month it keeps on saying “Network error”

  2. It seems like a scam members have not been able to log in since Thursday under the pretence of system maintenance

  3. Please help me understand wats going with the company since we cant log in anymore,how do we get our investments

  4. I paid R8000 for the VIP5 to get more daily tasks. I never got my R16000 security balance as they have promised on their terms and conditions. I have proof of my bank statements and deposits to them. I still don’t have my money, because all they do is having excuses that their network is off line. I think they receive money when you do pay and then they block your account after they received your money. After my payment I could no longer log into my account. If they do not respond to my complaint, I have to take this matter further, because all they do when you complain is to distract the conversation and make empty promises. I’m still waiting since last Friday…..

    • Yes I think it’s a scam I also invested and they always come up with excuses I am also sick and tired why question is why don’t they answer our calls and what seem to be the delay when it comes to make deposit into our account yet it takes a few seconds for us to deposit into their account it doesn’t make any sense we need to make it known on Facebook and sabc that bambooglobalization is a fraudsters why should we pay to withdraw our money why can’t they take out the money from the balance in our account instead they want us to deposit cash into their account stating that we must make certain changes and not use the old bamboo globalization account its very fishy

    • Bamboo has been reported as scam which led it to being blocked by banks and internet sites this was caused by people who were screenshoting bamboo as they make money. I was told that they are still working on that problem and it may take sometime for it to be back since they are no longer trusted…

    • How i join the platform of Bamboo
      Because I was a member of it
      What happened because I can’t login can administration response please

  5. I wonder why the site has not been funtinal since friday, funny enough this happened just after placing a widthrawal order. Are we being scammed?

  6. Same here could’nt log into my account since saterday. Kept on saying network error and nou just a sad face and something written in a different laungage

  7. I still can’t log in. As it was said that Monday all will be OK. I’m jst getting a face with like Chinese writing. Or network error

  8. Bamboo is back online as it went through a server updates. If users follow the Update portals they would be advised of the problems and updates. Thus far only members that should have received payment during the downtime From 2 July – 5 July have been impacted. Their account have been credited and requests to make new withdraws has been communicated. This week of 5 July will be a true test to see if Bamboo is a scam or not.

  9. If I don’t deposit money to bamboo what is going to happen with the money that I have already have in my account

  10. We supposed to report this app h5.bamboo globalization. on south Africa television. And radio extension and banks because people he borrow loan money transfer to bamboo to get profet but nothing

  11. goo day i forgot my password how do i reset it but if i click forget password it doesn’t give me any option to change my password

  12. And finally I forgot to state that we get no feed back and I have seen a lot of comments recently that no one knows who are the owners of bamboo and it’s a hide and seek match with them I am very upset with them they have no system it all seems very corrupt even today I tried to log in its states error how can we trust bamboo globalization when this shit is going on all the time I just want my money back what I invested otherwise I am going to cause big drama I advise all people to get together and react to this matter because it clearly stated before I joined in and invested its about payments and withdrawals the charges were 10% on the amount of money we withdraw now its changed we must pay for the task withdrawal plus pay another 10% Now you work it all out and see if makes any sense they don’t have a contact number where by we can talk to anyone but the got hundreds of what’s up number no one answers and no messages responded to so to my understanding it’s a fraud our money is stolen I think we should get together and get in contact with the sabc to investigate this matter then we will know who is the real owner or conman otherwise many thousands of people will be robbed and our investment will be gone call me 0812683015

  13. What is happening i can’t login into my account it keep on saying network error. There is any problem?

  14. Hi guyz, now bamboo is telling me I must check my network connection. What for? Because I have plenty data and network.

  15. I have been trying to login since Friday but it tells me that I should check my network even the person I referred says the same thing please reply coz you said this is not a scam

  16. ive been trying to log into bamboo but it doesnt wanna log me in,idont know what is the problem.its been doing this for 4 consecutive days

  17. Bamboo Globalization is a scam people I’ve also invested my money and still awaiting my returns.Its such a good concept that fools people believing they will get there returns.Chinese hacker Lilian Zhang is behind this syndicate if you find her kick her ass as interpol and hawkes are after her.

    • I have been unable to do the daily work for up to 6 days now if I’m not mistaken. There appears a sort of Chinese if not Japanese writing instead of the page that used to appear, then if I try more, it says the web page cannot be reached, try again later.

  18. I have been trying to log in since last week where it states the page was removed
    Also deposited money after the verification of your account that stated you need to deposit x amount and they will refund you double back

    Withdrew 4 times didnt receive any form of payment

  19. This must be a scam, none of the complains has been answered!! Or any reply from the admin???? And still can’t login or download the home screen app?? Where is the download link now??

  20. I deposited R5000 that I borrowed to invest for the 21% plan for 7days.As days past I saw my interest profiting very slow. It should be 150 a day for 7days but 150 for 3 days in all. After 7days I got R450 profit from R5000 at 21% which is madness. So I made a withdrawal request it was successful but never showed in my bank account. When I ask customer care they say I should wait for 10 to 15 days. On which their system states 24to48hours payment reflection on your bank account. Since 7July till now been trying to solve this with no luck. Now customer care they just ignore me whenever I ask a question don’t get feedback. They’re email department doesn’t respond on the other side they say Bamboo, Standard Bank and Naspers work in hand. These people are scamming us.

  21. I’ve deposited R8000 so that I can go to VIP5💔😭, n I wanted to earn more money early. But boom I can’t log in I want money bathong 💔💔😭😭😭

  22. Hi, I’m just wanted to know if there is something wrong with the website I am not able to access it or my account and I saved up some cash to upgrade and now I’m concerned if I invest then this happen. Please help

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