https // : Recover your Chromebook

https // : Recover your Chromebook

You can get the OS back on your Chromebook if it ever stops working. The OS is removed and reinstalled during recovery. With an internet connection, you can restore the operating system on newer Chromebooks.

It may not be feasible to recover from previous Chromebooks and upgrades might not be supported either.

Make note that recovery will delete all data from your Chromebook’s hard disc, including any files you may have downloaded. Do a backup of your files before attempting to restore your Chromebook, if at all feasible.

If you need assistance with your Chromebook while at school or work, consult with an administrator. Get in touch with Google Support if you’re an admin looking for further assistance.

Chromebook Recovery Utility

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When to recover

You might want to recover if:

  • You get the error message “ChromeOS is missing or damaged.”
  • You’ve tried other troubleshooting steps and nothing has fixed your issue.
  • You’ve asked the experts in help forum for help with your issue, and they recommend recovery

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Before you recover, try less invasive steps

If you can sign in to your Chromebook, try these steps first:

  1. Turn your Chromebook off, then back on again.
  2. If your Chromebook still has an error, reset to factory settings.

If neither of those steps fix the error, continue to recovery.

Enter recovery mode

Important: You must complete this step before you start the recovery options below.

On the Chromebook with the error:

  1. If you have anything connected to this Chromebook (such as a mouse or external hard drive), remove it.
  2. Enter recovery mode:
    • Chromebook: Press and hold Esc + Refresh , then press Power . Let go of Power.
      • On some Chromebook models: Press and hold Esc + Maximize , then press Power. Let go of Power.
      • When a message shows on the screen, let go of the other keys.
    • Chromebox: First, turn it off. With a paper clip or similar object, press and hold the recovery button. Press the Power button to turn the Chromebox back on. When you see a message on screen, release the recovery button.
    • Chromebit: First, unplug it from power. With a paper clip or similar object, press and hold the recovery button. Plug the Chromebit back in to power. When you see a message on screen, release the recovery button.
    • Chromebook tablet: Press and hold the Volume UpVolume Down, and Power buttons for at least 10 seconds, then release them.

Recovery option 1: Use the Internet

On your Chromebook, select Recover using internet connection and follow the on-screen instructions. Shortly after you complete the instructions, your computer automatically restarts to complete recovery.

Important: If you decide to choose a different recovery method at any point while you work on the instructions, press and hold Esc + Refresh , then press Power .

If your computer doesn’t have internet access or the option to recover with the internet doesn’t appear, you may be on an older Chromebook that doesn’t support this feature. Continue to “Recovery option 2: Use USB drive.”

Recovery option 2: Use USB drive

Step 1: Collect these devices

  • The Chromebook with the “ChromeOS is missing or damaged” error
  • Another Chromebook, or a Windows or Mac computer with Chrome installed
  • A USB flash drive that can hold at least 8 GB, and that you don’t mind erasing

Step 2: Download a new copy of the OS

On the working computer, not the Chromebook with the error:

  1. If you’re using a Mac or Windows computer:
    1. Install Chrome.
    2. Open Chrome Chrome.
    3. Install the recovery extension.
  2. To open the recovery extension:
    1. At the top right of your browser window, click Extensions .
    2. Select the Chromebook Recovery Utility extension. If the extension popup doesn’t automatically appear on your screen, make sure it’s turned on.
  3. Click Get started.
  4. Click Select a model from a list, or type in the model number of the Chromebook you want to recover. To find this number, look at the bottom of the error message on your Chromebook screen.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Insert your USB flash drive into the working computer.
  7. In the dropdown menu, choose your USB flash drive.
  8. Click Continue and then Create now.
  9. When you get a message that your recovery media is ready, remove your USB flash drive from the computer.

Step 3: Begin recovery

On the Chromebook with the error, select Recover using external disk and follow the on-screen instructions.

Optional: Reuse your USB flash drive

Once you’ve recovered your Chromebook, you’ll need to erase the recovery media if you want to reuse your USB flash drive to store other files.

To erase the recovery media:

  1. On your computer, open Chrome Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click Extensions .
  3. To launch the extension popup, click on the “Chromebook Recovery Utility” extension.
  4. In the extension popup, click Settings.
  5. Click Erase recovery media.
  6. From the dropdown menu, select the USB drive you’d like to erase.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Make sure the storage device you used for recovery is listed.
  9. Click Erase now. The tool will erase everything on your USB drive.
  10. When you get the message “Your recovery media has been erased,” click Done.
  11. Remove your USB flash drive from the computer.
  12. Use a tool provided by your operating system to format the storage device.

Make sure the recovery extension is turned on

  1. On your computer, open Chrome Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click Extensions  and then Manage extensions.
  3. Next to “Chromebook Recovery,” toggle the switch to the right.
  4. Optional: You can also click Details and toggle the switch to the right.
  5. Once the extension is on, in the extension panel in your browser, click on the extension to open the popup.
  6. Optional: If you use the extension frequently, you can pin it Pin (keep).

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