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Petition Processing Portal (e-District GDP) is an integral part of the district administration and the related departments in their day-to-day office work. It facilitates the public to submit the petitions of their grievance as well as to view the status of the petitions at Collectorate/RDO Office/Taluk Office counters, CSCs and Online.

The petitions are forwarded by the Collectorate to the concerned office(r)s of all the Departments that process the petitions by forwarding the petitions back and forth hierarchically down the line till the action taken by the concerned officer is accepted by the Collectorate. The Collectorate can monitor the petition processing. It can be used by any Department / Organization / Municipal Body with their own hierarchical.

Submission of Petitions

The Petitions can be submitted online. This facility can be used by the Indian Citizens. All the supporting documents of the petition are to be uploaded as a single pdf/jpg file. After the initial scrutiny of the petition and the attached documents, the submitted petitions will be forwarded to the Concerned Officer and processed. The language of the petition can be Tamil or English. The petitions can also be submitted at Collectorate/RDO Office/Taluk Office and some selected Office counters and CSCs. For each petition, an acknowledgement with the petition number and QR Code will be displayed, and the same can be saved for future reference. In addition, an SMS acknowledgement.

Petition Status

Using this link, a petitioner can know the status of the petition submitted by all modes of submission including Collectorate / RDO Office / Taluk Office and other selected Office counters, CSCs and Online. To use this facility, the petitioner should know the Petition Number provided by the system at the time of submitting the petition. The status of the petition can also be known at Collectorate/RDO Office/Taluk Office and other selected counters and CSCs.


SMS Alert

Push Acknowledgement SMS:

The petitioner will get acknowledgement SMS on Submission and Disposal of the Petition.

Pull Status SMS:

The petitioner can send the petition number as SMS to 155250, to know the status by reply SMS.

However, the SMS facility is available to the Indian Citizens only.

QR (Quick Response) Code

QR Code in the Acknowledgement can be scanned using QR Code reader on a smart phone to check the status of the petition.


URL: : The complaints you register may kindly be related to the web portal or its related software only. At the same time, for the complaints regarding the processing or the final disposal of your petitions, kindly contact the concerned office.