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https // website :

Legislation in Gujarat calls for transactions that involve any immovable property to be registered with the relevant governing body in order to prevent potential transfers of ownership. To be certain, full asset registration will permanently serve as a public record of ownership, proving it beyond any doubt.

The official website of the Gujarat government has released the Jantri Rate 2021 :

To find Jantri Rate on the internet, perform the following steps:

Specification of Jantri rating

Gujarat has a revenue department whose task is to decide the Jantri price based on various factors, such as the location of the land. To calculate the Jantri Rate, the following criteria are applied:

• Structure type

• Infrastructure provided

• Specification and maintenance

To find out the Jantri rate, go to

1. First, log in to the Gujarat Revenue Department, and on the home page, select Jantri.

2. The second step is to select the district that appears on the map.

3. After completing step 2, you will be prompted to enter details such as the Taluk, survey number, village, and land type in order to obtain more information.

4. The last step is to select “Show Jantri” to reveal rates

In order to acquire Jantri from E-Dhara Kendra, what must be done?

Firstly, all of the applicants will need to go to the E-Dhara Kendra to fill out an application for Jantri, and they will need to fill out the following:

Name, address, father name, Aadhar card number, mobile number, email ID, relationship with the owner.

an accurate list of the characteristics of the land, including the land survey number, land address, land units (acres), and the amount of land.

Please submit the following supporting documents with your application: the supporting documents submitted with your application and the additional documents submitted at the E-Dhara Kendra.

In order to apply for a Jantri account, you will be provided with a Jantri application by the company to use in the future.

Following that, the Tahsildar will process the successful online request and a field survey will be conducted.

The Tahsildar will issue a jantri if the post field survey inquiry and clearance are completed.

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