: Grab the Golden Hotdog with the Glizzy Gang Showdown! : Grab the Golden Hotdog with the Glizzy Gang Showdown!

Look who’s back! We’re sounding the siren for 48 hours of Blunderdome mayhem in an epic scramble for the highly coveted…Golden Hotdog!


Starting September 18th, prepare your beans for a weekend of quick-fire stumbling in the Glizzy Gang Showdown Limited Time Event, stacked with unique challenges and rewards for our most dedicated Blunderdome contestants (or fans of ludicrous gold-plated snack foods, that’s fine too).

Glizzy Gang

Dive into the Glizzy Gang Showdown – 18-19 September

Roll up, roll up, we’ve got extra-special Glizzy Gang cosmetics galore! Complete the special challenges to earn points and unlock this glittering array of goodies on your road to Golden Hotdog glory….

  • “Glizzy Gang” Nickname – 200 points
  • Vaporwave Colour – 400 points
  • Tech Icons Pattern – 600 points
  • “Golden Hotdog” Nameplate – 800 points
  • Golden Hotdog Lower – 1000 points
  • Golden Hotdog Upper – 1200 points

Good luck, and see you in the Blunderdome!

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