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The Electronic Timesheet is a service available on a public, secured website for IHSS and WPCS providers to submit their timesheet electronically. Using this online application, the provider will be able to enter the hours worked for the IHSS recipient and submit the timesheet electronically through the internet. If the IHSS recipient is also enrolled in the Electronic Timesheet system, the recipient may approve or reject a timesheet online as well.

Electronic Timesheet


Q: Do I have to enroll in Electronic Timesheets? Is it mandatory?

A: No. The Electronic Timesheet service is OPTIONAL.Persons wishing to continue receiving paper timesheets should do nothing and timesheets will continue as normal. If the IHSS provider and recipient decide to participate in electronic timesheets, they must complete an enrollment process.

Q: Can I use both paper timesheet and electronic timesheet at the same time?

A: No, you cannot use both at the same time. If you enrolled to submit your timesheet electronically, you must stop/cancel electronic timesheets to begin receiving paper timesheets for the following pay period.

Q: Where can I get more information about the Electronic Timesheet?

A: The Electronic Timesheet Training Lessons are available at:

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Q: How do I enroll in Electronic Timesheets?

A: Go to the Electronic Timesheet website at to select the “New User Registration” link and follow the online directions to create an account. You will need to register in order to use this service.

Q: What do I need in order to enroll in Electronic Timesheets Website?

A: You need to be a current active IHSS and/or WPCS provider or recipient. In addition, you need to have access to the internet, be able to use a capable electronic device (smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop), and a valid email address. If you are a provider, you must also have your IHSS provider number (found on your paper timesheet or check stub), date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. If you are a recipient, you must have your IHSS case number, your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

Q: What information should be provided for registration?

A: The following personal information is needed for registration at the Electronic Timesheet Website: Your First Name, Last Name, 9-digit provider number (if you are a provider) or 7-digit case number (if you are a recipient), date of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. *Please note that your personal information is not stored in this website. This information is used for the initial verification against what is stored in the payrolling system.

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Q: Where can I locate my provider number?

A: Your 9-digit provider number can be located on your timesheet or previous paystub; you can also contact your IHSS office if you are unable to locate your provider number.

Q: Where can I locate my case number?

A: You may locate your 7-digit case number on your Notice of Action documents where it lists your authorized IHSS hours, you can also contact your IHSS office if you are unable to locate your case number.

Q: If my recipient is not signed up to use the Electronic Timesheets Website, can I (provider) still sign up and use the online system?

A: Yes, you can enroll at the Electronic Timesheet Website. However, you will not be able to submit timesheets online. As a provider, you will be able to check timesheet status/history, payment status.

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