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Since December 1, 2019, Compass Group has been using the Compass Associate Portal, often known as CAP, to transmit pay stubs and W-2 forms to employees. The owner management suite, in turn, is briefly utilising OMS in order to distribute pay stubs and tax forms among its owners.


Before December 2019, the company used the Ceridian Self-Service Portal to transmit pay stubs and tax forms to employees and employers, but this was discontinued in January 2019. As a result of the termination of their contract with Ceridian, associates will not be able to access their W-2 form or pay stub online for the calendar year 2019.

During that period, employees were assigned a set time slot in which they may download their pay stubs and income tax forms. To obtain information regarding your pay stub and tax form, dial (877) 311-4747; after dialling, press 6 to access the payroll option, and then press # for pay stubs or W2s form information.

If you work for Compass Group or one of its affiliates and want to view your pay stubs and tax forms, you must first go to the CAP website, which is an abbreviation for Compass Associate Portal. The Compass Associates website can be found at

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Your user ID (personal identification number – usually eight digits with zero at the beginning) and password are required fields (which you created when registering the account). Then select the Login option from the drop-down menu. If you haven’t already, you can do so by following the instructions outlined below.

What is the procedure for registering on the CAP website?

There is a Registration link in front of the “Don’t Have an Account” link at the bottom of the CAP login page (below the “Log In” button) that can be used to create an account. Please click on the link provided (Register)

Fill out the verification form on the following account registration page using your personnel number, the month of your birth, the last four digits of your SSN, and the first letter of the last part of your name, and then click on the Next button to continue the registration process. Important to note is that the time clock ID number and the personnel ID number are distinct; therefore, the personnel ID number must be entered in this field (printed on the paycheck stub)

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You will be able to proceed to the next page if the information you have entered has been verified. On the following page, you’ll have to make a critical decision about your future. In addition, if you want to obtain your W-2 form online or if you want to view the print format, you can do so here. Enter your email address and phone number, then choose how you’d like to get your W-2 form before clicking the “Save” button. To obtain online, select Yes from the drop-down menu. The “No” option indicates that you have chosen the paper format for receiving your W-2 form. As a result, you will not be able to access your W-2 form online if you choose this option. If you select the “Yes” option to access your W-2 form online once again, your W-2 form will not be mailed to the address listed on the form.


In the pop-up window that appears, click the OK button to close it. Additionally, in the verification email that was delivered to your email account, click on the Complete Account Setup link.

You must enter the password you wish to use in the following window and re-enter the same password before clicking the “Continue” button.

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At this point, you must choose a security question and answer it, after which you must click on the “Continue” button to proceed. Once you have completed this, either wait 10 seconds before returning to your account’s home page, or click on the “Go to Compass Associate Site” option.

After logging into your account, you may access your pay stubs by clicking on the Paystubs tab and viewing, printing, or downloading them. Additionally, you can view the W-2 form by selecting the W2 tab. A unique password is required to access your pay stubs and W-2 document in PDF format. The password is comprised of the last 05 digits of your SSN, the month of your birth, and the first letter of the final part of your name.

If you are an owner, you can view your pay stubs and tax filings using the OMS web portal, which is abbreviated as “Owner Management Suite.” Compass Manager’s online management system (OMS) can be accessed at