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The company ESPN GLOBAL does not offer any investment scheme. It has a reward system for it affiliate players for referring other players to download their app and play their games. Affiliate players also earn tokens based on the rank they achieve, these tokens can be used to play more games or can be cashed out.


The investment scheme is floated by a fraudulent set of persons using the name of the ESPN GLOBAL. They offer different levels of investment with certain percentage returns according to the investment amount.


Early Access

Affiliate players will get 2 times of SGT against the amount paid for super contest. This means you get back every single penny invested and this can be used to bet and earn more.

Designs & interfaces

Referral Commission and Team Matching Incentive Espn wealth program works with two team binary system, termed as left team and right team. To earn the benefits, you must personally refer minimum two associates in each of your team. Both team’s play points are equally matched daily and paid to you in the form of reward points. The remaining play points of stronger team are carry forward for next calculation.

ESPN Global Investment is trending currently because its a new platform. My friend invested $6,350 to be in Commander Rank and instantly got back $2250 usd, while i came on board with Crusader Rank of $3150 usd and also got $850. So i will be getting a weekly pay of $16 into my ESPN Global account.

ESPN GLOBAL is a blockchain based mobile esports platform based in UK. It is run by ESPN


It offers many blockchain based popular online games to play & To participate in million dollars global online Tournaments.

This is a business that allows you to benefit on weekly basis for investing in any of the packages

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