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The Maharashtra Disaster Management Team released the Universal Travel Pass web application to validate the urgency of travel during the lock-down or restricted time after the lock-down.


Various businesses are classified based on their nature of operation, and their employees will be allowed to travel within set timeframes. The system generates e-passes for employees of registered businesses. This e-pass includes a QR code that may be verified by a railway or bus authority.

Travel Pass

Registration of a Business

** Go to for further information.

** To begin, the business must register with the system.

** Every business must designate a single point of contact (referred to as a coordinator) to administrate the establishment details when registering.

** This individual is responsible for accurate information and must approve a disclaimer for it.

** The establishment will be approved by the district’s Disaster Management Authority. ** Once accepted, the Coordinator can create several coordinators for his establishment.

** Using the CSV template provided on the website, the coordinator can upload the personnel information.

** Once the CSV sheet with the staff information has been uploaded, the staff member will receive an SMS with a link to download the Travel Pass from the website.

** Employees can download a travel pass by going to the website and clicking “Download Travel Pass.”

** To obtain an OTP, he or she must first input his or her cell phone number. Then he or she must input the OTP and upload a photo of themselves.

** Please keep in mind that you can only post one photo at a time. Employees will save/print the image of the e-pass for future use. * On the following page, you’ll find relevant screen shots.

Login to the establishment

1. Use the coordinator’s cellphone number to log in.

2. Get the CSV Template

3. Set up a system to collect information from employees who require a travel pass and upload it as a CSV file.

4. Once the information is posted, staff members will receive an SMS.

Obtain a Travel Pass

1. Use your phone number to log in.

2. To generate an e-pass, upload a photo (only once).

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