https // Download EPIC Card

https // Download EPIC Card

On the official website, the voter list for 2024 has been published. No longer are in-person visits to polling locations with identification documents or other requisite items necessary to access one’s name on the electors list, as the online system provides the convenience of doing so.

Ten days prior to the elections, this must be completed in order to guarantee that any errors are rectified without delay. Once voting is scheduled to commence, alterations are not allowed.

Download electronic copy of EPIC Card

1. Visit the webpage

2. Enter your reference number or EPIC Number.

3. Now Select State.

4. Click on Search.

5. Find your EPIC Card and download your card.


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How to Download Voters List?

1) Visit the website of the Election Commission of India

2) The “PDF E-Roll” option will be visible on the side of the page.

3) Following the link’s click, a page containing a hyperlink to the state-wide electoral register will load. Select the jurisdiction in which your voter registration is active.

4) Navigate to the states where you reside and select to view a list of the districts associated with that state. Select your local district by clicking on it.

5) A catalog of AC names will appear on the page following a click on the district’s name. Select the name of the AC from which you have voter registration.

6) Subsequently, a catalog of polling stations affiliated with that AC will be displayed. Choose the ‘Final Roll’ option in proximity to your polling station.

7) You should be able to access the voting list and obtain voter ID.

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