https // Login Food Stamp Application : How do I link my access account to Nevada?

https // Login Food Stamp Application: How do I link my access account to Nevada?

If your data was migrated from or from the Department of Welfare and Social Services (Medicaid/CHIP), you would have received an access code for your Nevada Health Link account via email or by mail.


If you received the notice via email, the subject was, “Time-sensitive changes to Nevada Health Link account.”  In the notice, you’ll see an access code listed under “Next Steps.” Use this access code to help you get into your Nevada Health Link account.

If you deleted the email or are unable to find your access code, please contact us for assistance.

Using your Access Code

Go to the Nevada Health Link website. Enter your access code in the space below Do you have an access code? Be sure to check the I’m not a robot function and follow the steps to move forward with logging in, then click Submit.


How do I reset my password?

If you forget the password to your Nevada Health Link account, you have the ability to reset it. 

How to reset your password on Nevada Health Link:

1. Go to the Nevada Health Link website and click on Log In. Click on the Forgot Password? link. 


2. Enter the email address associated with your Nevada Health Link account and click Continue. 


3. Follow the directions in your email to access your account. Be sure that you know the answer to the security question you selected when you created the account. You will be asked to provide this answer. Note: If not, you will have to contact Tech Support to get back into your account.

How do I get free help from an agent or enrollment counselor?

If you need help submitting an application or finding an insurance plan that best meets your current needs, Nevada Health Link has several options.

For no charge, agents, brokers, and enrollment counselors can help you get approved and enrolled in a health insurance plan. They can also help you upload any required documentation. They are experts in their fields and we recommend taking advantage of their expertise.

  • Licensed Agents and Brokers – Have been specially trained and licensed to sell specific plans by both Nevada Health Link and insurance carriers. They know the pros and cons of every plan they sell, but they may not be able to sell every available plan.
  • Certified Enrollment Counselors – Have been specially trained by Nevada Health Link but not necessarily by insurance carriers. They can help you understand your options, but are not able to make specific recommendations on which plan to select.

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