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The Ministry of Rural Development has collaborated with the government to provide services to the panchayat commander citizens through the AP Digital Panchayat Portal. You can use this portal to access all of the government services and programmes that have been established in the state. Permanent residents of Andhra Pradesh can access various services through Digital Panchayat Portal, even though they do not have to visit the government offices.


People will have timely information about services and schemes that are currently running in the state, which they will be able to access with the portal’s launch. To get updates on all services and schemes in Andhra Pradesh, you can register on the Digital Panchayat Portal of Andhra Pradesh.


Rural Development Department of Andhra Pradesh has launched the AP Digital Panchayat Portal on the lines of other states in India with the aim of helping citizens learn about government initiatives and services. Using this portal, the registered user will have an easy time making use of programmes and services provided by the state. The implementation of government services online removes any possible variation in the application process, resulting in a fluid and reliable procedure. Property Appraisal Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Birth and Death Registration Certificate, and other services are all at your fingertips, thanks to this portal.

Ready to use services

The table below shows the range of services offered in Andhra Pradesh’s Digital Panchayat Portal. To your benefit, the following services are available on this portal.

Systems Management Certificates

Applications for various permits, e.g. building permit, may be completed, submitted, and/or requested.

To use the AP Digital Panchayat portal, users who have yet to complete the registration process should complete it online. You can apply for services directly after the completion of the user registration process.

This article describes new online registration process, services offered by AP Digital Panchayat Portal, and new user registration requirements.


Visit the AP Digital Panchayat Portal’s website, the first step in the process. Upon clicking this button, the website homepage will appear in front of you.

Panchayat portal designed by AP Digital

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you have to click on the “Citizen Services” option in the navigation menu for new users.

Services to Citizens

A new page will open up after this. Click on the “Sign-Up New User” option at the top of the page to the right.
Here you must choose the potential voter from the “Type of Sign-Up” in the given space.

The registration page will appear in front of you once you select an option. The only details you have to enter on this page are the username, email address, mobile number, and password.

Creating a Digital Panchayat Portal account

The next stage consists of requiring additional information to be provided in the form of a Unique Identity (Aadhar card number, ration card number, driving licence number, and voter card ID number), among others.

Finally, you fill in all the required information, and then you enter the captcha code and click the “Sign Up” button. After you’ve filled in the required details, you will receive an OTP on your mobile number, which you will enter in the space provided, and your registration in the portal will be verified.

Andhra Pradesh Government eGov for All

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you can log in on the portal and follow the few simple steps.

• In the first place, you must head to the Andhra Pradesh digital Panchayat portal’s official website.

• Once this has finished, you will be able to see the homepage of the website appear in front of you.

• You can find a login form on the homepage, which is located on the upper-right side.

• Choose your language and design now. After you enter your username and password, go ahead and click “Login.”

•To fill in the form and press the ‘Login’ button, enter the captcha code into the box and press the ‘Submit’ button. Logging in on the official website will get you logged in.

Please check the status of the AP Digital Panchayat Portal Service Application.

You can also verify your application status on the AP Digital Panchayat Portal after applying for a service. You must follow the steps that are given to you in order to proceed.

• First, you will have to visit the AP Digital Panchayat Portal’s official website.

• Under Services, click on the user login page to access the services section. In the drop-down menu next to Application Status, click on it.

• When the user attempts to log in, a login dialogue box will appear on your screen. You must enter the user ID and password on this page.

When you’ve completed the CAPTCHA test, you’ll see a login button that you can click on.

• In the Services drop-down menu, select a service and then click.

• If you click here, you’ll see your application’s current status. Find the transaction ID and enter it in the box on the left.

• The page you are viewing will be replaced by a new one; click the “Submit” button.

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