https // Minecraft Hour of Code

https // Minecraft Hour of Code

Venture through time to create helpful AI-powered inventions in the new Minecraft Hour of Code: Generation AI. Use problem solving, creativity, and computational thinking along with the principles of responsible AI.

With coding in MakeCode Blocks or Python, Minecraft Hour of Code invites anyone to learn the basics of coding and how to build better AI for all. Follow these steps to get started.

1. The future is on its way — and it’s AI-powered! We’re excited to announce the new Minecraft Hour of Code: Generation AI in partnership with Microsoft and

2. Take your learners on a journey through what it means to build AI responsibly in this timeline-tripping adventure. Minecraft Hour of Code is an easy computer science tutorial that’s accessible to all learners no matter their coding experience or familiarity with AI…and that includes you!

3. Download resources to help you facilitate an Hour of Code in your classroom, community space, or household. These include a walkthrough video and solution guide. Join millions of people around the world in running an Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week (December 4-10) or dive right in today!

Characters from the Minecraft Hour of Code 2023 adventure

The future needs our help!

In Minecraft Hour of Code : Generation AI, students venture through time to create AI-powered inventions. They activate problem-solving skills, creativity, and computational thinking to explore Responsible AI principles. Through MakeCode blocks or Python coding, Hour of Code allows anyone to learn the basics of coding and discover ways to build better AI for all.

The journey starts with an unexpected visit from the Agent, the player’s in-game coding companion, who comes with an urgent mission. The Agent will guide your students through a series of future scenarios where they fix eccentric AI inventions. Throughout the challenges, learners resolve issues around fairness and discrimination, reliability and safety, and more as they progress toward the finale. No spoilers here, but when you start toying with time travel, things get a little loopy.

Minecraft Hour of Code: Generation AI won’t just inspire students to learn coding basics. It will also drive thoughtful discussions about the ethical implications of coding and AI development. Learners will apply programming concepts to discover algorithmic thinking and problem decomposition, all important skills for creating AI systems.

Minecraft Hour of Code: Generation AI is available in Minecraft Education as a free demo lesson. That means you don’t need a login or official license from your school to download and access the world.

We designed this tutorial for students aged 7–18 to learn the basics of coding, how to use AI helpfully, the principles of responsible AI, and why programming requires them to be safe, fair, and inclusive. By exploring these ideas, they’ll understand the importance of privacy, fairness, and accountability.

Minecraft Hour of Code: Generation AI also features time-based accomplishments. To enhance engagement and build a sense of achievement, the tutorial empowers students to accomplish at least one rewarding coding task in a 45-minute timeframe.

Educator support materials including a facilitation guide and online training can help you lead the experience. The game world also features plenty of hints and guidance for self-directed learners.

Get ready for CS Ed Week

Computer Science Education Week is December 4–10, and it’s the perfect opportunity to run an Hour of Code. Get ready to help your students join the global movement with these three easy steps.

1) Download Minecraft Education and run through Minecraft Hour of Code: Generation AI yourself. You can find the lesson in the in-game library or as a free demo lesson available here.

2) Register for a free webinar on November 16: Transform Computer Science Teaching and Culture with Minecraft Education.

3) Join classrooms worldwide on December 6th during Computer Science Education Week for our Hour of Code: Drop Everything and Code live event! Connect with us to explore the Hour of Code lesson alongside Minecraft experts and streamers.

4) Sign up to join a free Minecraft and Flip event on Dec 7 featuring robotics technologist Kamak Ebadi from the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. HIs incredible journey, from a 14-year-old dreaming of NASA in Iran to working with the renowned space agency. His story promises to ignite the dreams of every student and aspiring space enthusiast. He will also discuss the power of coding in shaping future careers and share about NASA’s Artemis missions.

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