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How to choose a loan from CheckSmart?

CheckSmart’s Lending Pros can help you find the right loan for your specific circumstance! You can also check out our loans overview page to find out more info about each loan type. All loan products are not available in all states, see store for details.

CheckSmart Lending Pros Have You Covered

CheckSmart is a lending company you can count on to adhere to all guidelines set forth on a national and state level. We work hard to provide various loan products and the best customer service available in the industry. We have teams of Lending Pros at CheckSmart who are available to help you review your options and choose the lending avenue that is best suited to your situation. We call the right loan for you, your SmartMatch. Doing your research is important as well as planning for repayment. When you have a plan, knowing that the loan you choose is the right one for you, and that you’re working with a great team like CheckSmart Lending Pros, you are setting yourself up for success as a borrower.

If you’ve done your research and determined that the lending options at CheckSmart are right for you, consider the loan types currently offered in our stores prior to connecting with a Lending Pro.

Loans Offered by CheckSmart

CheckSmart offers various loans depending on the location of the store. There are different rules and offers depending on the state in which the store is located. To find out which loans are offered in your state click here.

Payday Loans

Payday can feel very far away when your budget is dwindling and there are items left on your to-do list. If you find yourself in a situation needing a little extra cash before your next paycheck, a Payday Loan from CheckSmart could be an excellent option. Payday Loans are sometimes called Payroll Advance Loans and may provide needed funds to customers who need a little help before payday. Our Lending Pros can help you apply and walk you through the approval process. Bring the following with you to the CheckSmart store when you’re ready to apply:

  •  An Active Bank Account.
  •  Government-Issued Photo ID.
  • Proof of Income.
  • Most Recent Bank Statements.
  • Checking Account and Bank Routing Numbers
  • Social Security Number/ITIN

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Installment Loans

Some financial hurdles require a bit more funding than others. Installment Loans are a great option when you need a larger sum of money to complete a bigger ticket financial move. Many of our customers use Installment Loans to complete larger projects like auto repairs or necessary home repairs. We also have customers who use these loans to pay for necessary medical expenses and associated travel. To apply for an Installment Loan at CheckSmart, you will need the following:

  • Current AZ vehicle registration
  • An Active Bank Account
  • Government-Issued Photo ID
  • Proof of Income
  • Most Recent Bank Statements
  • Checking Account and Bank Routing Numbers
  • Social Security Number/ITIN

If approved, you will receive your funds, typically, as a direct deposit into your bank account and you are able to spend the money as you wish. One of the perks of utilizing an Installment Loan from CheckSmart is that you direct how funds are spent. You’ll make payments according to your Installment Loan agreement over time. CheckSmart offers Installment Loans in Arizona.

Title Loans

Title loans are a great option for customers who need a larger loan amount. Title Loans require a clear Title to an approved vehicle. To obtain this loan, you’ll need to bring your title and vehicle into the nearest CheckSmart location for an evaluation. You’ll fill out an application and provide the following:

  • Valid Government Issued ID and Social Security Number.
  • Bank Statements/Proof of Income.
  • Checking Account and Routing Numbers.

Once approved, you’ll be able to keep your car and receive funding from your loan. Your title will be returned to you once you’ve finished repaying your loan. Always make your Title Loan payments on time. This is very important because defaulting on your loan could result in a vehicle repossession . Keeping an open line of communication with your Lending Pro throughout the loan process is very important. If you anticipate any issues with your scheduled payment, speaking with your Lending Pro well before your due date can be beneficial as they may be able to provide options. CheckSmart offers Title Loans in Arizona.

Better BorrowingUtilizing lending options like those offered at CheckSmart can prove extremely beneficial in certain situations. We encourage our customers to do their research and understand the process because that paves the way to making a Smart Choice. We strive to provide excellent resources for anyone considering a short-term loan or personal loan from a lender like CheckSmart prior to applying. Understanding your loan options and the way the loans work is the first step to successfully borrowing and repaying the loan without any unnecessary stress or inconvenience. We are on a mission to help people who need us when a financial burden is in their path without many options for solving the problem. In those circumstances, CheckSmart is an option, and we will work hard to provide financial solutions to those who need it the most.