https // : COVID-19 Health Screening Questions – Best Buy

https // : COVID-19 Health Screening Questions – Best Buy

Creating a safe working environment within the Best Buy community is a top priority. To that end, we are requiring everyone who is not working from home to take part in a daily health screening before reporting to work. Best Buy’s COVID19 Health Screening is designed to apply the best-available science and public-health guidance.

Completed through our Best Buy Connect app, online at, or an in-person questionnaire conducted by a leader at the point of entry, the Health Screening is just one component of multiple layers of safeguards Best Buy has designed to help ensure the health of our employees and customers.

Leader Responsibilities

• To properly administer the Health Screening, you must know

(1) the CDC COVID-19 Community Level for your facility and

(2) whether there is a local mandate that requires masking regardless

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Employee Responsibilities

• All individuals will be asked to monitor their health symptoms before coming to work. If you are experiencing COVID-like symptoms or not feeling well, do not report to work. Call your leader to inform them of your absence.

• Upon arrival at work, you will be asked a series of health questions. You instead can complete the Health Screening via the Best Buy Connect app or online at

(1) no more than 3 hours before reporting to work at a Best Buy facility, showing the result to a leader, or

(2) must do so before working for Best Buy anywhere other than your home if a leader won’t ask you the following questions.

Covid Delta

Health Screening questions

Individuals should not be granted entry to a facility or attend work outside of their residence if any answer yields a [fail screening] outcome. Follow the instructions associated with the answers provided to the following questions. The callout boxes (green if this document is printed in color) include information about common questions during the Screening.

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1.A. In the past 10 days, have you had close personal contact with someone who has or likely has COVID-19? For example, this could be a member of your household, intimate partner, or someone else who is isolating because they:

• Tested positive for COVID-19;

• Have been told by a medical professional to isolate due to COVID-19 symptoms; or

• Self-diagnosed that they probably have COVID-19 based on their symptoms.

Answer: No [Go to Question 2]

Answer: Yes [Go to Question 1.B]