https // : Connect your device – AllDebrid

https // : Connect your device – AllDebrid

Alldebrid is an online multi-downloader service.


The utility of a downloader lies in its ability to eliminate any restrictions imposed by file hosting services. Our service allows our premium users to “unlock” or “debrid” limited content on multiple file hosting services, as well as converting magnet links into direct download links.

In order to be able to do that, once premium, simply reach online tool, and copy your links to unlock. Click on the green button “Generate my links” and all you have to do now is download the new links.


Here is a list of the main features you will be able to access through your Alldebrid premium account :

  • Access to our downloader, allowing to generate links from over 70 hosts, and hundreds of streams
  • Access to our magnet tool, converting your magnet files into Uptobox links
  • Browser addons available, to facilitate and optimize the use of our service through your web browser
  • Support and access to our streaming tool, allowing to stream anything through your media player or by casting via Chromecast.
  • Access to PWA (mobile version).
  • Media folder through HTTP link available (compatible with Kodi).
  • Direct compatibility with Download Station from Synology.
  • Multiple Third party software compatibility (Jdownloader, Kodi, etc)

Invite link

The invite link is an URL that links a new registered member directly to your account. You can place it wherever you like (forum thread, by email to your friends, etc.). As soon as someone clicks on your link, and signs up right after, the operation will be carried out.

Points are granted after the first purchase of a premium package from your friend account. This only works for the first purchase. Any additional purchases from your friend account will not grant any points.

Your points can be redeemed for premium time directly from your invite panel. In your invite panel, you will be able to find a banner that fulfills exactly the same function as the invite link. This one is just prettier. We also provide multiple syntaxes to directly integrate your banner where you want.

Streaming tool

You have two options to stream a generated link from our service.

The “stream” option or the “Local stream” option.

Premium account

“Stream” option

The “stream” option will read the link through your browser. This feature is only compatible with .mp4 files. This feature is very limited.

“Local stream” option

This feature will use your media player to stream the link our service has generated. This feature is compatible with any video or audio format, and will offer full control over your file, since it’s read by your media player (you can add subtitle, cast to an other device, etc).

However, in order to be able to use this feature, there are some prerequisites.

Prerequisites :

  1. A multimedia player (VLC for instance)
  2. Alldebrid streaming script
  3. The Alldebrid addon (Chrome or Firefox)

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