https // : How To See My Traffic or Camera Ticket Online

https // : How To See My Traffic or Camera Ticket Online

“Photo enforcement” is a law enforcement technology agencies can use to enforce existing traffic safety laws. It enables officers to monitor, detect and deter dangerous driving behaviors, such as red-light running, speeding, illegally passing a stopped school bus or crossing railroad tracks while the crossing signal is active.


Law enforcement agencies in the United States have relied on photo enforcement to decrease dangerous driving behaviors since the late 1990s. Redflex Traffic Systems introduced the nation’s first photo enforcement program in Paradise Valley, Ariz. in 1997, which monitored speeding and red light incidents. The program continues to operate today.

Photo enforcement has been used internationally to improve roadway safety since the 1960s.

Photo enforcement is designed for use on roadways with a history of crashes or violations resulting from dangerous driving behaviors, such as red-light running, speeding or illegally passing a stopped school bus. It should be considered once all other safety options have been analyzed, implemented and/or optimized. For instance, prior to the installation of a photo enforcement system, intersections and roadways should be well designed from a safety standpoint, speed limits should be set to the appropriate level for the roadway and yellow-light timing should be reviewed. If the danger still exists after all appropriate safety options have been optimized, photo enforcement could help curb the problem.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducted one of the most comprehensive studies assessing the effectiveness of red light photo enforcement in 2011. It found a 24% reduction in fatalities across 14 cities with red light camera programs operating from 2004 to 2008. Had similar programs been operating in all large cities during that period, 815 deaths could have been prevented.

How To See My Traffic or Camera Ticket Online

1. Please check out

2. Include your license plate number, city, and citation number in the fields provided.

3. View Your Violation Video

4. You may want to pay your citation cost now that you know what you’re being cited for.

5. Please use the provided links and instructions to submit your citation payment.

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