https // code : How does account linking work in Among Us?

https // code : How does account linking work in Among Us?

Choose a service that you have used to log in to Among Us before.


Example: If you received a code while playing on Steam and wish to link to your existing Google Play account, please select Google Play.

Note! Account Linking is temporarily not available to Nintendo Switch players, thanks for the patience as we work on this. Also, unfortunately we are unable to offer Account Linking for Sony Playstation.

How does account linking work in Among Us?

For this example, let’s say we have three accounts. One on Steam, one on Epic Games Store, and one on Google Play.

Each of these accounts have their own cosmetics purchased, and we want to link ‘em all together to access them all no matter where we play from.

1. First, we pick which account we play on the most. For this example, let’s choose Steam. Boot the game up, and you’re met with this:-

2. Since this is our main account, we hit Proceed. We’ve basically made our “main” Among Us account.

3. Now, let’s link up our other accounts so we get all our stuff. Next, we’ll move on to Epic Games. We boot up the game from the Epic Games store, and face the same popup as before. This time we click NOT RIGHT NOW, because we haven’t linked our accounts yet.

4. Now, on the main menu, we’ll open up our accounts tab and choose “Link Account”.


5. This will open the account linking website in a browser window and the game will give you a 6-digit code.

6. On the account linking website, choose the platform you used to make your MAIN account (In this case, Steam) and enter the 6-digit code when asked.

7. Once you have confirmed this and linked your account, the same popup window from before will appear.

8. This time we hit PROCEED and the items from our Epic Games account will be added to the same account our Steam account was linked to. Neat!

9. We can now repeat the same process on our Google Play account (Or whatever other accounts you have) to end up with one linked account with all our items.

If you have a full Among Us account (AKA are above the age of digital consent within your country, which in most places, is 13+)/a child account with parental permission, and are logged in, you can easily change your chat settings!

  • Start Among Us from your platform of choice.
  • In the title screen, open the Settings menu (the Gear icon)
  • Under Data click on Chat Type
  • Toggle between Free or Quick Chat or Quick Chat only

If you are unable to toggle these, this means you are either not logged in, or do not have a full account or parental permission. Reach out to if there are any further issues. We cannot grant you parental permission.


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