https //account.turningtechnologies .com/account/ Login

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https //account.turningtechnologies .com/account/ Login

Registering with Turning Technologies and creating an account allows you to tie together all software platforms and clickers. An account is required for use with My Company Name, LLC products.

  1. Go to
  2. Select Sign In from the top navigation.
  3. Select Student or Instructor from under Create Account.
  4. Follow the registration instructions provided to create an account.


The left menu is used to navigate TurningPoint App Web.

Test – Select Test to return to the test question in self-paced assessment.

Questions – Select Questions to return to the question in live assessment or view the question list in self-paced assessment.

Messaging – Select Messaging to message the presenter or the group

Information – Select Information to view session, user, and test information

Submit Test – Select Submit Test to send the test for grading

Leave – Select Leave to exit TurningPoint App.

Logging into a Web Browser Session

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. Enter the Email and Password associated with your account and click Sign In.
  4. Enter the Session ID provided by your instructor in the Enter Session ID field.
  5. Click Join Session.
  6. If prompted, enter additional information, such as first and last name, email address, or User ID. Required information must be entered
  7. Click Submit.

Leaving a Web Browser Session

  1. Click Leave.

    The Leave Session window opens.

  2. Click Leave to confirm.



You can send questions or comments to your instructor via the Messaging tab. The instructor may enable an option that allows you to message the entire group.

  1. From the left menu, click Messaging.
  2. Tap To All or To Presenter.
  3. Click the blank field next to Send.
  4. Enter a question or comment for the instructor or group.
  5. Tap Send.
  6. In left menu, click Presentation in live assessment or Test in self-paced assessment to return to the question/test.

Responding to Multiple Choice Polling Questions

During live assessment polling, the question and answer choices are displayed.

  1. Click the number or letter that corresponds to the answer choice(s).

    NOTEYou can change your answer while polling is open if the question is not set to only accept your first response.

    After polling is closed, the results are displayed.

  2. To view the question, click Question from the left menu
  3. To return to the chart, click Chart from the left menu .

Submitting a Test

You will be prompted to submit your test when you have answered the last question. This topic covers how to submit a test without answering all the questions.

  1. The Submit Test window is displayed to confirm submission.

    The Submit Test window indicates if all questions have been answered. Click Submit to confirm submission.Alternately, the Submit Test window indicates if any questions have not been answered. Click Submit to submit without a response. Close the window to respond.

    When you successfully submit your test, the message appears.