https aadudamandhra ap gov in Registration Online Login

https aadudamandhra ap gov in Registration Online Login

You will need to go to website and click on REGISTRATION and need to enter the Aadhar number, mobile number, password and OTP and click on confirm OTP.

And then need to select at least one competitive game to complete the registration process.

There are 2 ways to register, one is self-registration and the second is, visit to GSWS and ask the Chairman (Panchayat secretary/Ward secretary) to register.

You will receive a Text message (SMS) from Aadudam Andhra after your registration has gone through.

What if I forgot my password?

On login screen we have given Forgot Password option, click on “Forgot password” and enter your mobile number, please enter the valid OTP sent to your mobile and please reset password.


Aadudam Andhra, a statewide sports tournament is initiated by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Open to individuals aged 15 and above, this event encourages active living and fosters health awareness. It features competitive and non-competitive sports across 5 levels.

aaduda mandhra

Kittu- The Blackbuck

Meet KITTU, your Aadudam Andhra mascot, who embodies the spirit of agility, speed, and grace, mirroring the remarkable qualities seen in every participant from Aadudam Andhra. As Krishna Jinka, KITTU’s natural attributes beautifully converge to form a representative avatar that symbolizes the essence of Aadudam Andhra and the state of Andhra Pradesh. KITTU embodies all the attributes: athleticism, local pride, cultural symbolism, and the desire to unite participants and spectators under a common symbol known as Aadudam Andhra.


Founded under The Andhra Pradesh Sports Authorities Act 4, 1988, the Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh (SAAP) plays a pivotal role in fostering sports within the region. Operating as a statutory body in accordance with the AP Sports Act 2010, SAAP primarily focuses on sports development, including stadium construction, sports academies, and infrastructure enhancement. With a rich sporting culture, Andhra Pradesh shines the spotlight on talented individuals and emphasizes sports like Cricket, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, and Football.

Competitive Games

Competitive describes a situation where individuals or teams actively engage in a contest or activity with the goal of winning rewards, recognition, or prizes. They compete against others to achieve the best results and earn incentives or benefits.

Five major disciplines i.e., Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball, Kabaddi and Kho-Kho at all five levels for both men and women. All five games are considered to be competitive in nature which are played under Knockout category at each level.