https // Join Code : How to play a Live game – 99math

https // Join Code : How to play a Live game – 99math

99math is a social practice platform for 1st-8th grade teachers to accelerate results and save lesson time.


It takes 1 minute for the teacher to set up the game and kids can join on any device that has a browser. That is all that is needed for kids to start progressing and having fun in math – no student accounts needed. And as a teacher you will get powerful insights that help you understand what needs focus and see the progress of your students!

How to play 99math as a teacher?

If you haven’t yet, take a moment to create your account on as a teacher. It’s all free.

This is your teacher dashboard

Dashboard is the first thing you see once you sign in and it’s where you start creating games from. You can always get back here either by clicking on our logo in the product or simply by selecting the “Start the game” menu item in the navigation bar.

Create a game to start playing with you students

1. To create a game you must first choose a topic that you want to practice

All topics are developed and verified by math teachers.

2. Each topic has further options to match the topic exactly to your students’ needs or to your curriculum

3. After you have made your choices for the topic, we show you exactly what kind of questions the students will see in their devices.

You can click “Show more” to generate new tasks. All tasks are automatically generated for you so you don’t need to spend time preparing materials.

4. Once you are happy with the topic press the “Choose game mode” button at the bottom of the page to proceed.

5. Now you can choose how you want to engage your students

We have to game modes:

  • Live game – Play together in a classroom or video call. Most engaging experience. If you can, start the game experience for students with this! To learn more about how to play live games, click here

  • Homework – Send practice assignments. Use this mode to have students train on their own time. Then get them together in a live game.

Both game modes leave the control to you, as the teacher decides how long the games will be for the kids. This way you always know how much time is needed. By default, Live games are 3 rounds of 30 seconds and in Homework mode kids need to solve 50 tasks at their own pace.

6. After choosing the game mode you are ready to invite your students to the game

You can send the game code or link to your students or share your screen to them to show the on screen join instructions.

Students use their device to go to and enter the game code to you just received after creating a game. After entering the code, students are asked to enter a name – this can be a nickname, their first name or however the teacher is able to identify the student. And now the students are the game and ready to play

7. Students play with excitement

Students will always see questions in their own device, no need to worry if everyone can see your screen or are able to read from the back of the classroom.

You will see the excitement on kids’ faces and they will ask to play the game again.

8. After the game, you get powerful insights from the game report

In the report you can see how all the students did, where they made mistakes and what is the overall skill level for the class in the particular topic. This report is always automatically generated for you and only you have access to it.

9. Now you are ready to start playing regularly