How to set up your NOW Smart Stick : Get your shiny new Smart Stick home

How to set up your NOW Smart Stick : Get your shiny new Smart Stick home

Check you’ve got all of this before you start…

Step 1: Connect to your TV

Plug your Smart Stick into the HDMI port in your TV.


Plug your Smart Stick into the HDMI port on your TV

Your Smart Stick won’t work unless it’s connected to a power source. Plug it into a wall outlet with the power adaptor provided.

Now go to your source/input menu on your TV and select the HDMI input you’re plugged into.

Step 2: Power and pair your remote

Open the battery compartment of your remote control and pop in the batteries as shown (they both go the same way up).

Put the batteries in your smart remote

Your remote should now pair automatically with your Smart Stick.


Hold down the small button below the battery compartment to pair your remote.


You’ll see this screen while your remote pairs with your Smart Stick.

Step 3: Connect to Wi-Fi

Next, your Smart Stick will scan for wireless networks. Select yours from the list of networks using the up and down arrows on your remote and press OK. Enter your network password and hit Connect.

If you see an Update available message at this stage, just press OK to update the software. Your device will restart once the update is installed.

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Step 4: Set the display type

Your Smart Stick can detect the best resolution for your TV. Press OK on your remote to do this automatically.

How do I manually change my display type?

Set the display type

Step 5: Sign in or sign up

Scroll down to read the terms and conditions, then hit Accept.

Now grab your smartphone or computer and follow the instructions on your TV screen to sign in to your NOW account, or create an account if you’re new to NOW.

Help tipWhen you see a code and you’re asked to go to to enter it, make sure you type this address directly into your browser (rather than a search engine), and ensure the URL doesn’t auto-correct and send you to instead.

Wait a few moments while your apps update, then open the NOW app and away you go!