How To Play Lego Fortnite Solo

How To Play Lego Fortnite Solo

Play Lego Fortnite Solo as some of your favorite Fortnite characters, like Brite Bomber, Cuddle Team Leader and Raven – but in LEGO Style. Collect food and resources, craft items, and battle enemies solo or with friends  

LEGO Fortnite is live now – an all new survival crafting game in Fortnite. This is the first play experience to come from the long term partnership between Epic Games and the LEGO Group to develop fun and safe digital spaces for children and families.

Within LEGO Fortnite, players can explore vast, open worlds where the magic of LEGO building and Fortnite collide. You can:

Play as some of your favorite Fortnite characters, like Brite Bomber, Cuddle Team Leader and Raven – but in LEGO Style

Collect food and resources, craft items, and battle enemies solo or with friends

Build shelter for defense and customize your ultimate home base, then recruit villagers to gather materials and help them survive the night

Gear up and drop into deep caves in search of rare resources, hidden areas and enemies

The LEGO Fortnite journey is just beginning, with new world building, gameplay features, and more LEGO Style Outfits arriving in updates starting early 2024. Fortnite is available to play for free on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch™, PC on Epic Games Store and cloud-based gaming streaming services.

Play Lego Fortnite Solo

LEGO Fortnite is rated E10+ by the ESRB. All experiences in Fortnite, including LEGO Fortnite, utilize the Epic Games parental controls and safety features.

LEGO Fortnite is built inside Fortnite and powered by Unreal Engine 5, taking advantage of features such as Chaos physics and destruction to give players the ability to place, connect and break apart bricks just like they would in the real world.

The game utilizes World Partition to stream all 95 square kilometers of playable space (that’s 19x the size of the Fortnite Battle Royale Island!), and uses the Procedural Content Generation (PCG) framework to dynamically create detailed environments.

The LEGO Group is already using Unreal Engine across its broad portfolio of play and content experiences, including LEGO DREAMZzz™ and LEGO NINJAGO™. The two companies are also using Unreal Engine to build digital twins for thousands of physical LEGO elements, and are working to make these available for creators across the Fortnite Ecosystem in both UEFN and Fortnite’s Creative tools in 2024, in order to bridge the worlds of physical and digital play like never before.

The LEGO Group and Epic Games will unveil several more LEGO themed games inside Fortnite starting early next year.

What’s LEGO® Fortnite®?

In short… it’s the ultimate survival crafting adventure!

Discover wide-open brickscapes where creativity and mischief click. Collect resources, battle creatures and power up your imagination to construct the ultimate brick-built base. Explore solo or play with up to seven friends as you build, bash and re-build!

LEGO® Fortnite® Parents’ Guide

LEGO® Fortnite® is a game that inspires players’ endless creativity in a familiar, safe and secure environment.

LEGO Fortnite adds the LEGO Group’s iconic minifigures as LEGO Style Outfits, bricks and elements into developer Epic Games’ Fortnite. You even download and start playing LEGO Fortnite through the existing Fortnite launcher. Simply select the LEGO Fortnite playlist tile in the Discover menu.

But LEGO Fortnite isn’t Battle Royale with minifigures. It’s an entirely new experience that combines the best of both worlds, so that anyone who already has Fortnite downloaded can play LEGO Fortnite for free* – alone, or even better, with friends.

What is LEGO® Fortnite®?

Instead of the Fortnite you may be familiar with, LEGO Fortnite’s focus is on long-term survival, crafting and online cooperation with friends. The mix of those ingredients is up to players, which is why LEGO Fortnite includes two types of worlds, each of which caters to a different approach.

Every massive LEGO Fortnite world is procedurally generated and therefore unique to each player. They’re filled with mysteries to discover, scattered throughout areas like the rocky shorelines of the Boulder Coast and the cool shade of Lush Forests.

Then players explore the wild worlds they create, they’ll discover friendly inhabitants — many characters and creatures come from Fortnite, in fact – as well as animals like cows and sheep built from LEGO bricks and elements. Players can discover less-than-friendly enemies too, like wild wolves, spiders or even pirates!