How to Get to Nokron Elden Ring : How to Leave Nokron Eternal City

How to Get to Nokron Elden Ring : How to Leave Nokron Eternal City

Elden Ring features a wide variety of places for players to explore, one of which is Nokron the Eternal City. It’s a little more difficult to get into Nokron than most of these places. This is due to the fact that you must first complete a series of tasks before you can enter the city.

Getting to this city is a common question among players, and we’ve got the answer right here. We’ll show you exactly what you need to do in order to get to this city.

Eternal City in the Elden Ring: How to Get There?

Nokron the Eternal City in Elden Ring can be reached only after defeating General Radahn at Redmane Castle. The Caelid region’s top dog, he commands the region. Shortly after defeating him, there will be a cutscene.

To get to Mistwood Outskirts, you’ll have to walk there. Fast-travel to Fort Haight West to accomplish this. Once you’ve done that, head southeast toward the swaying sand dunes. If you look down, you’ll see ledges that lead to the depths of the earth. Keep a slow and deliberate pace as you traverse these shaky terrains. Make sure to defeat the Black Slime enemies and collect some loot while doing so.

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You’ll need to descend the cliff to get to this point, and then enter the Nokron opening. This will help you identify your location because there is a Site of Grace in Nokron.

With these steps, it’s just a matter of time before you arrive at Nokron. As you can see, if you follow the correct procedures, you’ll arrive in this city in no time! Take a look at our guide on how to get Larval Tear in Elden Ring now that you know how to get to Nokron.

There is a merchant here he is after Siofra river bank grace you just have to go up the wooden structures follow them till you get to an opening then drop down.

Nokron Entrance Map Location

How to Leave Nokron Eternal City

The unnamed npc is D’s brother, after you gave him the twinned armor to the npc he says the name of his brother “Darian”, after you defeat the dragon in the deeproot depths “Lichdragon Fortissax”, he kills Fia in the name of Darian.

Once Ranni gives you the Elden Ring Spirit Calling Bell, she’ll refer to herself as Renna, and she’s one of the more enigmatic NPCs in the entire game. Even though she says you’ll never see her again, if you go to Ranni’s Rise in Liurnia, you can begin her quest and assist her in some way. Throughout this Elden Ring Ranni quest guide, we’ll walk you through each and every one. While there are likely other ways to approach this quest, this is what worked for us in our experience with FromSoftware NPCs.