How To Get The M13 In DMZ : How can I make the M13 overpower in COD: Warzone?

How To Get The M13 In DMZ : How can I make the M13 overpower in COD: Warzone?

As it so happens, my main weapon in Modern Warfare (2019) is the M13. And as such, as of the time of this answer, I have logged just shy of 13,000 kills with the gun in-game.


Minor disclaimers- I am a PC player. Summary at the bottom.

And the simple answer is: you can’t. It’s rather well balanced.

I would rate the M13 as an A- weapon, overall, in multiplayer. It just does not have the damage of the FAL, SCAR, Oden, M4, or AKM that would make it an A+.

Which is the key issue with the M13, relative to the meta of the M4 (which has a good rate of fire and a better base damage).

Unfortunately, this damage deficit cannot really be overcome. Even with the marksman barrel + monolithic suppressor + a high-zoom sight, the M13 is still outclassed in damage by the M4 and other aforementioned assault rifles. But, this is why you should not try to play up the damage too much. Just supplement it.

Warzone is different from the standard playlists in that gunfights are often a considerably farther distance (yes, remember COD is the game where 30+ meters is considered long distance) and for a longer period of time. Engagements may not last the 0.05–3 seconds that are commonplace in the smaller maps and modes, and are not nearly as definitive in the same time frame.

Here is my preferred loadout for the M13 (I use it for both Warzone and Hardcore):

I strongly suggest keeping the barrel and magazine attachments. The remainder I posit as more personal preference.

My methodology for each attachment:

Tempest Cyclone barrel: A biggie. And for me, the most important attachment. The reasoning is threefold.

    • Suppressor is mandatory in Warzone – Battle Royale or Plunder, does not matter. Concealing your position on the radar/situational awareness overlays is vital to your survival. You can debate me on this point, but I will not budge, it is that important.
    • There is a minor damage and range improvement over the default barrel too, which is a nice supplement to the relatively low damage the M13 carries ‘factory-standard’.
    • You could take two slots, and use the Marksman barrel with a monolithic suppressor to further buff the damage and range, but the downside is that it takes up two slots. And, as I said previously, the M13 simply does not have the base damage to fully justify this (in my opinion).

60 round mags: This is a very close second in importance, as the M13 has a high fire rate. It chews through ammo quite quickly – a commodity which can be very limited in Warzone. You need the mag capacity to reliably take down multiple enemies and/or enemies with armor.

Stippled grip tape: Aim down sight (ADS) time is very important in the Call of Duty series. While this importance is lessened in Warzone, its preeminence is still present. It can still definitely make the difference between life and death.

Close Quarters stock: Same with the stippled grip tape. ADS time.

Thermal hybrid: I use smokes all the time in the standard playlists, because I am a heavy objective-based player. Naturally, this synergizes well with the thermal sight because you can see through the smoke. But in Warzone, I use the thermal hybrid for scouting and (situationally) long distance combat. The canted reflex is excellent for close quarters-mid range combat (and even long distance), and keeps the quick aim speeds for pinch-hit situations.

The primary downside of this kit is the stability. For me, this is not much of an issue because I can control the recoil and instability rather easily with my mouse. For console players or the individual, this may be a more significant disparity that needs to be improved, so of course adapt it as you find comfortable.

You may want to trial the .300 blackout mags for the M13, since the lack of bullet trails and death markers can be a big aid in Warzone (or standard playlists). But, again, I found the damage lackluster and not worth the improvement of stealth. The high round count of the 60 mags are just too important because of the rate of fire and the amount of armor/opponents you may encounter in a reload in Warzone.

The weapon sights, as I said, is down to personal preference. Though, do keep in mind that COD logic dictates that the weapon’s sight influences the “Range” variable, and covertly therefore, damage. Sights with magnification add “Range”. But I remain with the “personal preference” standing because the base damage on the M13 just is not up to snuff against the M4, Oden, et cetera and the maximization of its damage and range variables just do not compete with the other assault rifles – i.e. you would be trying to play to its weaknesses (but that does not mean you should totally ignore damage/range).

Remember there are two primary factors that influence the damage per second of the COD assault rifles – raw bullet damage and fire rate. The M13 is easily on the low end of the raw bullet damage, but also easily the assault rifle kingpin of fire rate (barring attachments that modify fire rate, like the M4’s 9mm mags). The second is, clearly, the strong point of the gun. You lose some of it by swapping to .300 blackout mags.

In sum: have a suppressor with the marksman barrel to stay stealthy and buff the damage. Or use the Cyclone barrel and free up an additional slot (my preference and suggestion). The strength of the M13 over the other assault rifles is its rate of fire, not its damage, so do not waste too much attachment utility on trying to improve its damage. Handling is personal preference, but aim down sight time is still important in Warzone.

Frankly, I think much of the community has been sleeping on the M13 as a lethal assault rifle.

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