How To Get Super Troops in Clash of Clans: What is a Versus Battle in Clash of Clans

How To Get Super Troops in Clash of Clans: What is a Versus Battle in Clash of Clans

Super Troops are special troops. Once activated, they can be trained in the Army training menu.

  • Town Hall 11 is required to activate them, or you can receive them as a troop donation!
  • Activating a Super Troop costs Dark Elixir, and you train it with the same resource as the regular version of the troop.
  • You can activate 2 Super Troops at the same time.
  • When activating a Super Troop, you can continue to train its regular counterpart.
  • Super Troops are not removed from the Army Camps when they expire.
  • You can use the Super Potion to activate a Super Troop for free!

Super Troop Activated


When a Super Troop has been activated, the icon has a timer on it showing for how long the troop can be trained.

Donating Super Troops

  • All Town Halls can receive Super Troops as donations, provided that there’s room for them in the Clan Castle.
  • It is possible to complete Troop events and Challenges with donated Super Troops.

Versus Battles

The rules for battles are a bit different in Builder Base. Chiefs go head-to-head in Versus Battles, attacking eachother’s villages at the same time. The Chief who scores more stars wins, and if tied, then the highest destruction percentage wins!

Some additional details:

  • You always attack a player who is online, and this player will, in turn, attack you.
  • Chiefs are matched mainly on their Trophy count.
  • To lose a battle doesn’t mean that you lose resources, you only lose Trophies.
  • In the case of both Chiefs scoring the same star amount and same destruction percentage on the opponent’s village, the player who spent less time in the 3-minute attacking phase is crowned as the winner.
  • Loot rewards for victories are determined by a Chief’s trophy amount. Gain more trophies to get better loot rewards!
  • After 3 wins, Chiefs will need to wait out a cooldown period before they can battle for loot again.

A skilled Chief remembers to balance his offensive capability with his defensive capability. Remember to keep developing your layout and defenses, as well as upgrading your troops!

Versus Battle Loot Rewards

After gaining 3 wins, a 22-hour timer begins before Loot Rewards for wins become available again.

Once Loot Rewards are available again a new 22-hour countdown timer starts running behind the scenes. This timer counts down even while you work on gaining the 3 wins. When this timer reaches “zero”, Loot Rewards will become available again.

If at this time you are still working to get the 3 wins, once you do get them you will immediately be able to get Loot for 3 more wins. However, you can only “stack” two 3-win runs for loot, after which you will need to wait 22 hours.