How to Delete Facebook Account : Deactivate your Facebook Account

How to Delete Facebook Account :

  1. Download your data. Save your photos and posts by going to the settings padlock in the top menu, More Settings, then General. Click the “Download a copy of your Facebook data” to start the process. This will save your photos, videos, posts and other Facebook information as a Zip file.
  2. Change your login method for apps that use Facebook connect. If you log into any sites using your Facebook account, change how you log into them so they no longer use Facebook. Otherwise, if you use Facebook connect again after deleting your Facebook account, it’ll reinstate your Facebook account. Argh!
  3. Delete your Facebook account. Go to the Facebook deletion page and confirm you really want to delete your account. Note that this is different from the “Deactivate your account” setting under the Security settings. Deactivating simply removes your timeline information and prevents other people from searching for you, but some of your information is still visible and saved by Facebook. Permanently deleting your account won’t let you access your account again, and it removes most personally identifiable information associated with your account.


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