How To Claim Twitch Drops : How to Discover and Claim Drops on Twitch

How To Claim Twitch Drops : How to Discover and Claim Drops on Twitch

Twitch new Drops campaigns are a new and fun way to get in-game loot by watching your favorite channels on Twitch! If the channel is participating in a new Drops system campaign, you will see a message at the top of chat about the Drop campaign and how to earn rewards.


Drops are unlocked by watching any participating channel for the amount of time set by the game developer to earn a reward. Once you complete the time requirement, you will be able to claim the reward. You can only gain progress toward a reward on one channel at a time. Some Drops rewards will require you to earn and claim a previous reward before you are able to earn progress toward that reward. You can check on the progress you have earned towards any reward by going to your Drops Inventory page. From this page you will also be able to claim any Drops rewards that you did not claim while watching the channel.

How to Earn Drops

You can see when a Drops campaign is available on a channel on the Browse category and channel pages by looking for the drops-enabled tag. You can also filter by the Drops enabled tag when looking when viewing a category.

Navigate to a channel with Drops enabled. A Drops callout will be displayed at the top of chat that includes information about the Drops campaign including how long to watch in order to earn a reward.

To earn a Drops reward, you will need to be logged into Twitch. To be eligible to receive the Drop rewards in-game, you will need to have your game account linked to your Twitch account. If an account connection is required, you will see a message asking you to connect your account after you have claimed the Drop. From the game developer’s account connection page, log into your game account, then into your Twitch account to link the accounts together.

Claiming a Drop

When watching a participating channel you will earn progress towards a Drop. You can check your progress at any time by checking your profile menu looking under the Drops menu item.

Remember, you can only earn progress towards a Drop on one participating channel at a time. You can also check your progress towards Drops within a campaign anytime by viewing the Drops Inventory. When you have reached 100% progress for the active Drop within a campaign, you will receive a claim notification at the bottom of chat. If you are unable to claim the Drop in time, you will be able to claim it from the inventory page until the Drops campaign ends.

Where to view your rewards and upcoming campaigns

The Drops inventory page can be accessed at any time. From here, you can view the Drops that you have earned, your progress towards any active Drops and to connect your Twitch account to the participating game developer’s account if you have not already. You may notice that some rewards are locked and you cannot earn progress towards them until you have earned and claimed previous rewards. Upon claiming the prerequisite Drops, these Drop rewards will unlock.

To learn more information about the rewards and the requirements to earn those rewards, you can view the All campaigns tab. This page will show you all active campaigns and upcoming campaigns that you may want to participate in and complete. Each campaign entry will display the dates the Drops are active, what game they are for, and how to earn each reward.

What are Drops?

Drops grant rewards for watching the content and channels you love! Each Drop has a watch time requirement set by the game developer. As long as you are watching a participating channel, your time will be counted towards earning the Drop and the associated reward. You can check your progress any time by opening up the profile menu and looking under the Drops menu item while you are on a channel or by visiting the Drops Inventory page.

Can I have my Twitch account connected to more than one game account?

Yes, you can connect your Twitch account to as many game accounts as you want, but you can only have one account per developer. For example, you can connect your Twitch account to multiple different game accounts, but you cannot connect multiple accounts of a single game to one Twitch account.

How do I claim and receive a Drop?

You must be watching a participation channel in order to receive progress towards the Drop. When you watch for the required amount of time, a claim message will appear at the bottom of chat area (top of chat on mobile) for a short period of time, where you will be able to claim the Drop. If you miss the claim message, you will still be able to claim the Drop for the duration of the campaign from the Drops Inventory page.

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