How To Activate Wolf Scent Fortnite : Wolf Tales Home and Heart How To Get Moonstones

How To Activate Wolf Scent Fortnite : Wolf Tales Home and Heart How To Get Moonstones

Fortnitemares 2018 will introduce the game’s outstanding No-Build Mode for the first time, along with a Horde Rush and a final boss. Although the main Fortnitemares event ends on November 1st, the Horde Rush will be active until November 15th, or until the v22.40 update is released.


This year’s Fortnitemares includes a werewolf skin transformation option. The Ritual Emote can be performed at any of the Alteration Altars located on the Reality Tree. This will endow you with Wolfscent, Slash, and Air Slash, as well as the special melee Howler Claws, which are unique to werewolves.

How To Activate Wolf Scent Fortnite :

At the Fortnite Halloween event, you can transform into a werewolf by visiting an Alteration Altar. You may find them most conveniently near where DJ Lyka is playing, which is the Reality Tree on West Island. If you arrive at the location and there are still pads available, you will see a projection of a wolf’s head waving at you from the pad. Go in there and use the newly unlocked Ritual Emote to complete your transformation into a werewolf.

To achieve this challenge, you must use your Wolfscent ability to successfully attack an opponent. After identifying your target with your ability, sneak up on them and surprise them with a Slash or Air Slash.

You can earn a total of 15,000 experience points by completing this challenge. To obtain the Howler Claws, one must find an Alteration Altar and dance upon it. Once you have this, you can go hunting for easy targets to mark and slay for experience points.


While taking a break from dancing to DJ Lyka’s mix, step on one of the Reality Tree’s Alteration Altars — where you’ll be given the option to perform the Ritual Emote. (Far from the Reality Tree? Fear not — altars can be found in other locations as well!) Once the ritual is complete, you’ll be bestowed the Howler Claws. Equip this supernatural item to gain canine abilities:


With the Howler Claws equipped, howl to activate the Wolfscent Ability, lasting a limited time before going into a cooldown. The Wolfscent Ability gives you tracking vision, repeatedly putting a mark on enemies in a nearby radius. If no enemies are in the radius, the Wolfscent Ability will immediately enter the cooldown.

(Are you being tracked by tracking vision? Your sixth sense will let you know with an audible heartbeat, getting louder and louder as your hunter approaches…)


Equipping the Howler Claws of course gives you… claws. But these claws are more than just really sharp fingernails. With the Slash Ability, show no restraint and perform a four-combo melee attack.


Your claws make you able to air slash too. With the Air Slash Ability, perform a double-jump that damages opponents upon landing.


Fortnite Zero Build Horde Rush

Horde Rush is back! But this time, the Cube Monsters have a trick up their sleeve — this is Zero Build Horde Rush. With your teammates, can you take down hordes of monsters, collect score multipliers, earn combos, survive at different locations, AND take down the Final Boss without the aid of building? Find out while Zero Build Horde Rush is available in the Discover screen until well after Fortnitemares ends (November 15 when downtime for v22.40 begins).

That’s right, Zero Build Horde Rush will remain beyond November 1 for a limited time. After Fortnitemares ends, look out for Horde Rush Quests you can complete for a special reward…


You’ve learned about the upcoming Horde Rush Quests, but there are also general Fortnitemares Quests starting now! Among other things, these Quests will see you perform the Alteration Altar ritual, visit Fortnitemarish places like Grim Gables, and use unvaulted items like Candy and the Pumpkin Launcher. Complete Fortnitemares Quests to earn XP… plus some pleasant surprises.

Two Fortnitemares Quests will become available daily over the course of 14 days. For completing five, you’ll unlock the Everything’s End Glider. For completing 13, you’ll unlock the Chrome Cage Back Bling. And for completing 25, you’ll unlock the Unmaker Pickaxe. The Quests will be available to complete until Fortnitemares ends on November 1 at 2 AM ET.

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