How To Activate the Centrifuge in Dead Space: Dead Space Activate the Centrifuge

How To Activate the Centrifuge in Dead Space: Dead Space Activate the Centrifuge

One of the Dead Space puzzles that frustrated gamers is coming back in the 2023 remake (2008). How to trigger the centrifuge, escape it, and deal with dwindling oxygen and prowling Necromorphs is covered in detail below.

Dead Space Activate the Centrifuge


Use the two Clutch Generators, one on each side of the Centrifuge, to activate the machine. Kinesis will be used to yank them in and attach them to the Centrifuge, but their rapid rotation makes this impossible.

You can use Kinesis to bring them together without having to attach anything, and then you can use Stasis to stop the spinning section of the Generator from moving. Finally, drag the Generator into the Centrifuge using Kinesis a second time.

The next step is to return to the initial platform and use the panel there to turn on the Centrifuge. The exciting part may now begin.

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Get Past the Centrifuge

As soon as the centrifuge starts spinning, go down the elevator shaft anticlockwise. If you were familiar with the original game, you know that you could play it anticlockwise. However, in the remake, this option has been removed.

The only way to survive the centrifuge’s deadly rotation is to just wait for it to pass you by, and then make a break for the next gap wall as soon as it does.

Make use of the voids to stay alive. You should be on the lookout for Slashers and Leapers in the crevices. By entering stasis and then severing their limbs, you can kill them.

In the event that a Necromorph follows you into the path of the centrifuge, you should shoot off its legs and withdraw into the opening. Once it re-enters the centrifuge, it will be destroyed.

Dead Space – Unable to Connect to EA servers to activate

Got the EA play pro edition and it wont launch. “we are unable to connect to EA servers to activate dead space EA play pro edition on this computer using your account. please try again later.”

I was playing it earlier but i closed it and trying to start it again it does this. Come on why you do this EA.


The puzzle of the Dead Space Centrifuge can be broken down into the following stages, which I shall now detail for your convenience:

1. Anti-Grav If your Stasis is running low, you should teleport to the opposite walkway and top it off there.

2. You should float all the way down to the centrifuge and check out the whirling generators on the arms.

3. Use Stasis to reduce the speed of each “clutch generator module.”

4. Kinesis was employed to slowly slide it into the centrifuge.

5. To use, simply place both clutches in their respective slots, as described above.

6. Then, when you’re ready, float back up to the main control panel on the walkway above and press the button labelled “restart centrifuge.”