How To Activate SBI Debit Card By SMS : Activate SBI Debit Card Online Transaction

How To Activate SBI Debit Card By SMS :

All SBI Bank customer has to initially find an error that they are unable to do the online transactions with the help of SBI debit card; at initial dispatch time SBI debit card is pre-blocked for online transactions; including domestic online or international online transactions,

This blog post will help How to Activate SBI debit card online transaction; activation process essentially requires a few things which an SBI customer must have,

I would mention here to keep SBI Bank ATM Card; SBI Bank registered mobile number details only; during when you enable SBI Bank Debit card for online transactions; this process will definitely work when you have already Generated SBI Bank Debit card, ATM Pin

Enable/activate SBI debit card online transaction

When You know your Debit card ATM Pin and with that, You are able to withdraw money from bank ATMs; but While you make an effort to make transactions online, your Bank decline the transactions; if that so, With the one process you can Activate your SBI debit card for all online transactions, please go ahead with the below steps -activate SBI debit card online transaction


Type SWON{Space} ECOM {Space}DDDD SEND a message to 09223966666

Note- {}= SPACE, DDDD= Last four digits of your SBI Debit card Number

To enable online transactions facility on SBI Bank debit card, I would send an SMS in such format- SWON ECOM 1234 TO 09223966666, the message is sent from my mobile number which is registered with the SBI Bank accounts

Note, please -I would recommend you use this activation process for all types of online transactions , online wallet reloads through SBI bank debit card ,Online payment recharges , online shopping with the help of debit card

How to disable/deactivate SBI debit card for online transaction

Keeping your SBI Bank debit card disable for online transactions, is best to stop un-authorization transactions online, without your permission grant, it is not possible to initiate an online transaction, therefore to de-activate SBI Debit card for online transactions, please use the following steps given below


Type SWOFF{Space} ECOM {Space}DDDD SEND a message to 09223966666

Again We go again on to the same Note- {}= SPACE, DDDD= Last four digits of your SBI Debit card Number

Why my SBI bank debit card decline online purchases?

Ans– Your SBI Bank debit card decline the online transactions; due to your debit card is not activated for online purchases, therefore, to make the debit card workable for all types of online purchases, please follow the above process, which I have mentioned,

Why My debit card was not activated For internet Trnx even if I have My SBI bank debit card ATM PIN ?

Ans– The reason for the same concern is Online financial transaction option is disabled for your e-commerce transaction (including domestic and international ) otherwise, please use the following methods to activate the e-commerce online services payment facility ,

Why I am Unable to re-load my Wallets using SBI Bank debit card ?

Ans- Because, wallet reload online facility is disabled, one of my Paytm wallets reload money using my Debit card was getting failed, because the bank was not approving as it was not activated for online services with the help of SBI debit card, I used the same method to resolve this issues,

My SBI Debit card Pin is not yet generated so can I activate my SBI debit card?

Ans– To make your SBI debit card eligible for all types of the transaction including ATM, POS, DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL transactions, please generate SBI bank Debit card PIN, and with that go through the above steps, Doing this will resolve such issues

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