How To Activate Roar of Time Adventure Effect

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How To Activate Roar of Time Adventure Effect

Trainers can activate the Adventure Effect associated with Roar of Time by using 5,000 Stardust and 5 Dialga Candy, distorting time for 6 minutes and pausing the timer of the following items: Incense, Daily Adventure Incense, Lucky Eggs, and Star Pieces.

One of the more valuable effects of Roar of Time is extending Star Piece, but the cost to activate is in direct opposition to the goal of gaining more stardust.

Trainers who encounter and defeat Origin Forme Dialga in a Raid Battle have a chance to catch one that knows the Charged Attack Roar of Time.

An all-new mechanic and the Dialga and Palkia Origin Formes from Pokemon Legends: Arceus are about to make their grand entrance in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh adds a new feature called Adventure Effects to the game, in addition to these special Hisuian versions of the traditional Sinnoh Legendaries. These unlock unique benefits that can be earned by performing powerful moves even when the combat is not in progress.

With Sinnoh Tour fast approaching, it’s just about time to decide between Diamond or Pearl. Some might ultimately choose based on whether they prefer Dialga or Palkia for PvP or PvE needs, or whether they have more need for Tyranitar or Salamence mega energy, but one new and interesting consideration is the Adventure Effect each one brings to the table.

Dialga’s Roar of Time lets you pause the timer of Incense, Daily Adventure Incense, Lucky Eggs and Star Pieces. It costs 5000 stardust and 5 Dialga candy to get an extra 6 minutes of time on your active items.

Palkia’s Spacial Rend lets you expand your encounter radius to see wild Pokemon from farther away. It costs 5000 stardust and 5 Palkia candy for 10 minutes of the effect.

Roar of Time is not as good as you think.

I’ve seen many comments about how great Dialga’s power is. Well, I’m here to be a bit of a wet blanket, because I think people are overestimating how good it’s going to be. Worse, I think some players are going to use the power to boost stardust gains but end up net negative without even realizing it!

The big issue is that one of the more valuable effects of Roar of Time is extending Star Piece, but the cost to activate is in direct opposition to the goal of gaining more stardust. But it’s worse than you may realize — the cost to activate is 5k dust, but you actually need to earn 10k dust in 6 minutes just to break even. This is because you can earn that same base dust without activating the power.

So suppose you have the means to earn 5k dust after your Star Piece expires. If you do that without activating Roar of Time, then you simply gain 5k dust. If instead you activate the power, then your Star Piece remains active and that 5k is 7.5k instead. Pretty neat, until you remember that the power cost you 5k, which means you end up with a net of 2.5k dust, which is 2.5k less than what you would have otherwise gotten.

If you have the means to earn 10k dust, then it works out the same. Without RoT effect: flat 10k. With RoT: 15k earned minus 5k cost for 10k total. It’s the same.

And if you have the means to earn more than 10k dust, then you are finally earning extra dust. Are you earning enough extra to justify all the effort? Something to think about.

10k might not sound like too much, but remember that this is the cost for just 6 minutes. It is not easy to earn more than 10k dust in 6 minutes. It’s possible, yes, but it’s tough. To be fair, you can also gain extra time on Lucky Egg and Incense, which isn’t nothing… but on the other hand, you could just activate a second Star Piece, Lucky Egg and/or Incense if you want. And that applies especially to the events where having more time would be most valuable, such as Foongus spotlight hour. Yeah you could spend 25k dust and 25 Dialga candy to cover the whole hour on one Star Piece, but I’d be happy to just use the second Star Piece.

So what about the F2P player who can’t frivolously use a second Star Piece? Fair point… but if you’re strictly F2P, do you really have enough surplus Dialga candy to throw away 5 candy per 6 minutes?

The one unique bonus of Roar of Time is that it can extend Daily Adventure Incense. This particular item is only available in increments of 15 minutes per day; you can’t just activate an extra item on a whim. Is 6 minutes of DAI worth 5k dust and 5 Dialga candy? As with other bonuses, it’s subjective. But the main draw of DAI is its exclusive encounters, especially the 3 legendary Galarian birds. And the problem with the birds is that they are super rare spawns with abysmally low catch rates. So yes, you can extend the duration of DAI a whole bunch, but chances are that you still won’t come away with a Galarian bird, unless you have a spare Master Ball lying around.

Spacial Rend is mediocre, but at least it has some niche value.

Generally, the bonus of Spacial Rend is essentially achievable without needing the power. All you have to do is walk a short distance and you’ll be able to see more spawns, easy-peasy. The unique bonus here is when you aren’t able to walk, for whatever reason. Maybe you are stuck at home or work or somewhere else during a Community Day or other event with good wild spawns. Spacial Rend might be a big help for you! Or maybe you see a rare spawn on your nearby, but it’s in an inaccessible area just a little out of your reach. Spacial Rend could help you there too.

A more subtle bonus is that it can make a route more efficient, e.g. you can access nearby clusters without needing to go there and double back on your path.

I think Spacial Rend is pretty lacklustre as well, but I can imagine more practical, worthwhile use cases than with Roar of Time.