How To Activate Rain SIM Card :

How To Activate Rain SIM Card :

To activate your new Rain SIM Card, login into click the blue “Get Started” button to begin the activation process.

On myrain you can manage your account, level up your 4G mobile phone lines, speed up your 5G home wifi, stay up-to-date with your bill and buy more gigs, minutes & sms from anywhere. With myrain , you’re in charge.

How long will it take for my SIM to activate?

Your SIM(s) should be active within 2 hours of successfully completing RICA. send you an SMS to let you know that your SIM is active. You can also sign in to your myrain page and look out for a green tick next to your SIM in myrain.

how do I check my coverage?

Enter your address on our coverage map and use the map key in the corner to see if you’re in 4G/5G home coverage

Please note you will need to be in 4G/5G home coverage in order to purchase a rainone plan

I’m connected but can’t get onto the internet?​

This might be because of your APN settings. For phones and most other devices your APN settings are automatically set up. If not, the default APN settings are as follows:​

APN name: rain​
All other settings can be left blank​

If it’s not your APN settings, this might be the cause:​-

  • You’re using the incorrect device – make sure you’re using a 4G enabled device for your 4G mobile SIM, or rain’s 5G router for your 5G SIM. If you are on a 4G for phones product, your SIM will only work in a 4G phone.
  • You’ve reached your gig limit – you can manage your limit on my rain​.
  • An unsuccessful debit order – your rain account may be in arrears. Sign in to my rain to pay now and get back online​.

Check my balances

To check your balance, go to manage your account at myrain or you can SMS ‘balance’ to 136.​

If you’re running low on gigs, minutes or sms, you can buy more anytime. These ‘buy more’ purchases are once-off and they never expire. So, whatever you don’t use this month, will still be there for you next month.

Can I make international calls?​

Yes, you can. Sign in to your myrain and switch on international calling, view call rates per country and buy more for your wallet.​

In myrain you can buy as much as you need more for your international calling wallet.​

Your top-ups do not expire, and the balance can be viewed on your rain dashboard. ​

How much am I paying?

To find out how much you’ll be charged per country, view our international call rates.

Please refer to the rate card to check that the country and dialing prefix you want to call is included in the list.  Please note that Ts & Cs apply.