How To Activate Radahn Great Rune : Elden Ring Radahn Great Rune Activation

How To Activate Radahn Great Rune : Elden Ring Radahn Great Rune Activation

To activate Radahn’s Great Rune in Elden Ring, follow these steps:

1. Defeat Starscourge Radahn: First, you need to defeat Starscourge Radahn at Redmane Castle, the third Legacy Dungeon in Caelid.

2. Find the Divine Tower of Caelid: After defeating Radahn, head northeast from the Caelem Ruins. Jump over the narrow ravine past some large scavenger dogs. You’ll reach the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace, which leads up to the Divine Tower of Caelid.

3. Scale the Tower: Climb the outside of the tower. Use the roots growing alongside to hop across platforms. Defeat guards and climb ladders until you reach the tower’s balcony.

4. Activate Radahn’s Great Rune: At the top of the tower, you can activate the power of Radahn’s Great Rune. This rune significantly increases your HP, FP, and Stamina when using a Rune Arc.

Remember, once activated, the Great Rune remains in effect until you die. Enjoy harnessing its power! 🌟🗡️🔮

Redmane Castle can be found in the southern part of Elden Ring’s Caelid region if players thoroughly explore the area. For a special festival honouring combat, several warriors from the Lands Between can be found in this area preparing. It’s a chance to take on the legendary Great Rune holder Starscourge Radahn, who has been left wandering aimlessly on a nearby battlefield after succumbing to Scarlet Rot. Your job is to lead the rest of us into the fray.

It is a Great Rune in the Elden Ring of Radahn. The maximum HP, FP, and stamina can be gained by using Radahn’s Great Rune. It is possible to gain passive bonuses by equipping Great Runes found in Elden Ring, which are unique items dropped by the game’s Demigod Bosses

Where to Activate Radahn Great Rune :

This rune can only be used if it is restored by visiting the Divine Tower of Caelid and scaling its platforms. A detailed walkthrough can be found on the area’s page. Use a Rune Arc to activate it after it has been restored

With 40 Vigor:

Godrick’s Rune takes you from 1450 HP to 1581 HP (from 40 Vigor to 45 Vigor)

Radahn’s Rune takes you from 1450 HP to 1667 HP (15% increase on HP)

With 30 Vigor and 20 Mind, Godrick’s rune raises my max HP by 62 higher (1355 vs 1293) and my FP by 13 (139 vs 123). The only stat that goes up is my stamina, and that’s only by 6 points (I have not levelled my Stamina at all).

Godrick’s Rune also raises your other stats, though. So Godrick’s beats out Radahn’s at everything, even things Radahn’s meant to be better at

For everyone that has forgotten or doesn’t understand how runes work you need to first activate them at a special tower (unique for each rune) , equip at a grace point AND THEN use a rune arc.

After your defeat Radahn rune won’t appear in your invenotry, you need to charge it first, you can charge it here (map image) –

Screenshot (49).png

For those bashing the rune without testing.

It increases health by a multiplier of 15%, fp 12,5% and stamina 13% (all are estimated valued give or take half a %)

Meaning for tank builds and/or higher levels can be a significant increase compared to godricks great rune

Fun fact: the multiplier is multiplicative on other equipment that boost fp/hp or stamina

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