How to Activate Presto Card : Activate My PRESTO Card

How to Activate Presto Card :

If you bought your PRESTO card online with your PRESTO Account, activate it here and start travelling seamlessly.

Activate my PRESTO card

Important: You don’t need to activate your card if you bought it at a Customer Service Outlet, Shoppers Drug Mart location, a PRESTO machine or online without creating an account. You can activate your card by following these steps:


1. Enter your 17 digit PRESTO card number and PIN below and select ‘Activate’.

2. It can take up to 24 hours to process your activation. During this time you won’t be able to use your card. After waiting 24 hours, you must tap on a PRESTO device within 30 days to complete the activation process.

3. Travel with your PRESTO card and tap on a fare payment device to pay.

What are the benefits of PRESTO?

PRESTO allows users to pay for their travel using an electronic fare card that replaces the need to use cash, tickets, tokens or passes on public transit.

Creating a PRESTO account helps protect your card balance. If your card is ever lost or stolen, the money can be transferred to a replacement card. You can’t do that with any other form of transit payment.

You can have money automatically loaded to your card when your balance falls below minimum amount that you set.

You can use your PRESTO card across 11 transit agencies in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) and Ottawa area.

By using PRESTO you’re also eligible for discount fare trips on participating transit services.

You can purchase a card online or in person:

Order a card online:

Your card will be mailed to you within 7-10 business days. You must add at least $10 to your card balance or a weekly/monthly transit pass. You can choose to either create a My PRESTO Account or have your card not associated with an account.

Buy a card in person: 

At a Customer Service Outlet or at a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) or a Fare Vending Machine (FVM). Your card is ready to use immediately, and can be added to your My PRESTO Account online within 24 hours. The card will be activated already and you are encouraged to create a My PRESTO Account in order to access the benefits of having an account.

When you buy or reload a card at a Shoppers Drug Mart or other in-person Customer Service Outlets, you must load at least $0.05. At Fare Vending Machines at TTC subway stations, you must load at least $5.00. When loading online, through the PRESTO App or at Ticket Vending Machines at GO and UP Express stations, you must load at least $10.00.

presto card


You can get a replacement PRESTO card and transfer your balance from the old card to your new card. First, you need to purchase a new card online or in person at a Customer Service Outlet or Ticket Vending Machine.

Once you get a new card, please do not register it, or add a monthly pass. This will be done automatically as part of the transfer process. When you are ready to transfer the balance from your old card to your new card, log in to your My PRESTO Account, click on Report Lost/Damaged card and follow the instructions.

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