How To Activate Perx Card : Perx Card Activation Login

How To Activate Perx Card : Perx Card Activation Login

All Perx Cards are activated and ready to use when delivered unless otherwise stated. To enable 3D secure you will need to register your card on and in the Manage My Card area select 3D secure. 

To activate your Perx Card, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Create an Account:

    • If you don’t have an account, visit to get started.
    • Click on “Terms & Conditions” (otherwise the tick box won’t appear).
    • Your birthdate will display in US format: Year/Month/Day.
  2. Check Your Email:

    • After creating an account, check your email for an activation message.
    • The activation email address is
    • Verify by clicking on the link within the email.
  3. Log In:

    • Log in following the last step with your registered email.
  4. Unlock Your Card:

    • Your additional verification method will be provided by your employer. This could be a code, email, or phone number.
    • Once unlocked, click the link on the left that says “3DS Enrolment.”
    • Select your country code and enter your mobile phone number (including your area code at the front of your number, e.g., 353) to enroll your card for 3DS security.
  5. Ready to Spend:

    • If you already have a Perx account, simply log in as normal.
    • You will now see a green tick next to “3D Secure,” which means you are ready to spend.
  6. Add a Card:

    • To add another card to your account, click on “+ Add a card” and follow the steps from step 4.

The Perx® Reward card is a prepaid card you use on-line, in shops, restaurants, cinemas etc. and also abroad – anywhere you see the Mastercard® acceptance mark.

Any company can purchase Perx® Reward cards

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