How to Activate Mohgs Great Rune : Elden Ring Mohg’s Great Rune Use

How to Activate Mohgs Great Rune : Elden Ring Mohg’s Great Rune Use

Mohg Lord of Blood can be found at Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring.


To face Melania’s boss, you’ll need the Haligtree Medallion you found earlier. The Grand Lift of Rold in Leyndell, the Royal Capitol, can be accessed by anyone who has the appropriate medallion.

The Consecrated Snowfield can be found here. On the map above, you can see a teleportation portal.

After completing the optional area, you’ll come face-to-face with the final boss.

How to Defeat Mohg the Omen Boss in Elden Ring

How to Activate Mohgs Great Rune :-

One of the Great Runes in Elden Ring is called Mohg’s Great Rune. Elden Ring’s Demigod Bosses drop Great Runes, which can be worn to gain special passive advantages

You can activate the Mohg’s  Great Rune (activate moggs great rune) from the same divine tower you used to activate morgotts great rune, Divine Tower of East Altus

Mohg’s shardbearer, Mohg’s Great Rune. To summon summoned phantoms, it gives them a blessing of blood and gives them a Phantom Great Rune if the invasion is successful.

Twin brothers Mohg and Morgott have identical Great Runes because of their shared ancestry. However, the accursed blood on Mohg’s rune is a testament to his devotion to the wretched muck into which he was born.

It’s necessary to walk along the ramparts of the Capital Outskirts to activate the Mohg’s Great Rune. The Fell Twins boss must be defeated before you can enter the tower.

The “Great Phantom Rune” that you receive upon invading is a consumable, which whenever it is used next to enemies in the world you have invaded, it’s buffs them.

Length of buff: N/A Activate Moggs Rune

Strength: GAT DAMN

So once you invade someone, it gives you an item called the “Phantom Rune”. You can go into your inventory and use it. Once you use it, the monsters around you become stronger. But it takes some of your health in doing so. Would be great to use in an area where there’s a mini boss or multiple strong opponents in the area.

Defeating Mohg the Omen Lord in Elden

Ring Mohg’s attacks are going to be slow but extremely powerful. Players will be able to get out of the way faster thanks to the animations’ heft.

In addition, he has a tendency to get stuck in the pillars or the ceiling while he is doing his overhead slams. There will be an opportunity to inflict as much harm as possible on him before he recovers.

Get close to Mohg and use Mohg’s Shackle if he gets stuck. As he turns around to strike back, be sure to get a good combo in. It’s best to repeat this entire process twice.

In addition, Mohg will use his Bloody Flame ability to envelop himself in flames. Attacking him while this ability is active will only cause you to be stunned. As a result, to deal with him effectively, simply wait for the ability to end and press R1.

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