How To Activate Malenia Great Rune : Elden Ring Malenia’s Great Rune Use

How To Activate Malenia Great Rune : Elden Ring Malenia’s Great Rune Use

One of Elden Ring’s most sinister villains is Malenia, the Blade of Miquella. She was expected to be a hero.

All of Elden Ring’s characters are divided over Malenia, the Blade of Miquella. Malenia, despite being depicted as a heroic hero in the game’s trailers and artwork, is actually one of the most vile characters in the entire game. It’s finally starting to pay off for FromSoftware’s gamble with Malenia’s marketing. For those who were expecting Malenia to be a hero, here are the reasons why she works so well as a villain.

Elden Ring’s Malenia, Blade of Miquella, checked all the boxes for a perfect poster character. Prosthetic limbs and gold armour were frequently used to portray her as a heroic character in promotional material. Sekiro’s use of amputations as a badge of honour for heroism lends itself well to comparisons.

A nine-inch statuette of the character was included in the Premium Collector’s Edition, which was the most expensive version of the game. Prior to the game’s release, FromSoftware clearly wanted players to believe Malenia was a minor character.

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How To Activate Malenia Great Rune :-

1. A small window of roughly 5 seconds will open up when you are hit, allowing you to slightly restore your HP to the amount you had before you were hit. The amount of damage you inflict determines how much of your health is returned.

2. Multiple hits in a row reset your restore point back to the amount of health you had before each one. E.g. You can only restore 400 HP by dealing damage if your health is reduced from 500 to 400 and then reduced again by a second hit.

3. A separate light-red HP bar shows how much HP you can restore by taking damage

4. While this rune is active, the healing power of the Flask of Crimson Tears is reduced by about 25%.


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There’s some unfortunate limitations.

On hit, you do sustain the sliver of damage you took, and you can regain it by hitting an enemy, you can even still hit enemies as they’re dissipating and it’ll still yield HP back, however.

If you were expecting ‘rally’ levels of sustain it’s not gonna happen unless this rune is significantly buffed. On taking a second hit, the first hit’s meter decays instantly, leaving you only with the capacity to heal back the portion of health that the second hit took from you. It doesn’t accrue the way it did in Bloodborne, and in general the lost health decays MUCH faster

Even using katanas you’ll find it hard to make good use of the rune. So, fun to play with, but much weaker than you’d expect.

Let me give you an example.

If you use waterfowl dance, you are likely take some dmge in an exchange.

However, if you can poise through that exchange and land the weapon art you’ll be able to recover some health back with the number of blows you’ll be doing.

This paired with that godskin talisman that gives you health of consecutive attacks could be nice and you’ll be almost like 5% of how crazy the boss is herself.

I’m also using it with the rotten wing insignia to boost my attack power with her weapon art.

Malenia cosplay is niche but it’s been pretty fun so far.

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